Colors Tamil launches two new fiction shows - 'Perzhagi 2 and Archanai Pookal'

Premiering on July 3, Perazhagi 2 will air at 8:30 pm and Archanai Pookal at 9 pm

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Colors Tamil launches two new fiction shows - 'Perzhagi 2 and Archanai Pookal'

Colors Tamil, Viacom 18’s Tamil Entertainment channel, is going to present two new shows with a common thread – how deep and unique bonds are forged between disparate women when they are brought together by twists of fate.

Called ‘Perazhagi 2’ and ‘Archanai Pookal - Iru Sagodharigalin Kadhai’, the dubbed versions of Kannada hit series ‘Lakshana’ and ‘Bhagyalakshmi’, they will be aired every Monday to Friday from July 3. 

Perazhagi 2 revolves around the lives of two girls Nakshatra (played by Vijayalakshmi) and Shwetha (Sukrutha Nag) who were swapped 23 years back in a hospital by a doctor. Nakshatra is not accepted as daughter and granddaughter by her father Thukarama and his mother because she is dark-skinned. The father believes that she cannot be his daughter as he and his wife Jaya are fair complexioned. Nakshatra endures the rejection with a smile and dreams of becoming a TV anchor. But here too, she fails due to her skin tone. Eventually, she lands a job in which she is the voice while the fair complexioned Shwetha, the same girl, is the face of the show. Meanwhile, Bhupathi (Jaganath C), the owner of MPR Foods and S/O Shakuntala Devi (Sudha Belawadi), lives as a PG guest in Nakshatra's house but he doesn’t disclose his real identity. Trouble begins when Bhupathi falls in love with Shwetha's voice not knowing that it is actually Nakshatra's voice. After many twists and turns, Bhupathi falls in love with Nakshatra, despite her dusky look. At the same time, Nakshatra and Shwetha get to meet their real parents.

Viewers can watch the drama unveil in Perazhagi 2 on Colors Tamil at 8:30 pm.

Actor Vijayalaksmi said, “Lakshana was my debut project. I am extremely thrilled its’s getting dubbed in Tamil. I get the opportunity to be exposed to new viewers. I hope Tamil audiences will accept me.” 

Archanai Pookal - Iru Sagodharigalin Kadhai is the story of bonding between women of different ages, of true sisterhood. Bhagya’s (played by Sushma K. Rao) life is hell as her husband Tandav (Sudarshan Rangaprasad) abuses and mistreats her from the start. Bhagya endures all this silently and with a smile while continuing to take care of the entire family. She also raises an orphaned Lakshmi (Bhoomika Ramesh), who is her uncle’s daughter, as her own little sister. She even finds a good man for Lakshmi and gets her married. As Bhagya’s life becomes worse, she finds help from unexpected quarters, in the form of her mother-in-law, who gives her the strength to stand up for her rights. She even provides her a good education so she can sustain herself, setting the stage for a unique bonding between the two.

Audience can watch the family drama Archanai Pookal, starting July 3, 2023 from Monday to Friday on Colors Tamil at 9 pm.

Actor Sushma K Rao said, “We are happy that Tamil audience will get to experience this show. I am sure they will be blown away by the storyline and will connect with the fascinating characters.”

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