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YouTube announces new updates for CTV advertisers; gives major push to AI

The video-sharing platform is bringing 30-seconds non-skip ads and new Pause experiences to CTV to help advertisers drive awareness or action by owning interactive moments

The YouTube Brandcast Upfront 2023 saw the video-sharing platform bet big on Google AI along with YouTube Select introducing new options for CTV advertisers and content viewers, across the globe.

In a company blogpost encompassing the event’s highlights, YouTube announced two new developments for its streaming offering, YouTube Select, which includes bringing 30-second non-skips and new Pause experiences on CTV.

“We know that running longer-form creative on the big screen aligns with your objectives, and allows for richer storytelling. YouTube Select is now landing over 70% of impressions on the TV screens, so we’re making it easier for you to use existing assets in front of the most-streamed content. This format also seamlessly fits into what viewers already expect and experience on the big screen. Instead of seeing two :15 ads consecutively, they'll see one :30 ad,” the blogpost mentioned.

The blogpost further highlighted that YouTube is bringing new Pause experiences to CTV to help advertisers drive awareness or action by owning that unique interactive moment when people pause a video. 

“This is seamless for viewers and allows them to learn more about your brand,” it mentioned.

Apart from this, YouTube’s blogpost also emphasised that with the world experiencing the next major platform shift with AI, Google is powered by its technology and innovations. 

“Today, people’s viewing habits may be complex, but reaching them on YouTube isn’t. AI can help you find the best mix of formats to hit your campaign goals from reach to action. Google AI can also meaningfully help scale and multiply one of the most critical drivers of ROI, your creativity,” it stated.

Sharing an example, it mentioned that Sony Electronics used Google AI to add relevant voiceover into their product ads, and saw a 25% lift in ad recall.

“From endless iterations of your ads to videos trimmed or flipped for the right formats, Google AI helps businesses market at the speed of consumers. And this is really just the beginning. Google AI is accelerating creativity, and the possibilities will extend beyond anything we can imagine today,” it mentioned.

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