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Licious plays the game of drool and crave in its ‘Juicy Delicious Must be Licious’ campaign

The film captures the brand’s proposition of juicy chicken in all its glory

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Licious’ new campaign – ‘Juicy, Delicious, must be Licious’ - celebrates juicy Licious chicken. 

The campaign starts with a film capturing a chicken lover relishing what seems like the juiciest piece of chicken, while onlookers crave on. The film ends on a note of ‘Juicy, Delicious… Must be Licious!’

The concept of juicy Licious chicken is presented in the film. Set in an office cafeteria, the film opens with a woman about to have her lunch, as she opens her lunchbox and longingly looks at her food. Her colleagues and those around her look on with as much anticipation. 

She picks up a chicken drumstick and bites into it, devouring it with her eyes closed, completely lost in that moment. In an almost trance-like state, the entire cafeteria mimics her actions, as if hypnotised at the very sight of the juicy chicken. 

Eventually, the secret is unveiled that the chicken is juicy, and delicious, of course, since it is made with Licious, a jingle towards the end reminds it’s Juicy Juicy Licious, leaving the viewer craving for more.

Santosh Hegde, VP-Marketing, Licious, said, “Since its inception, Licious has been redefining the codes of the category, setting new benchmarks in freshness and quality. Through extensive consumer immersion, we understand that for our consumers the taste of the chicken in the dish is the ultimate test. And that’s the key differentiator of Licious chicken - it is juicier than other chicken and elevates your meals to the next level. To achieve this, we take a lot of measures in the backend - from raising the birds right to ensuring a foolproof cold-chain system that locks in moisture right up to the time you get cooking. This campaign is an endeavour to introduce our consumers to the world of great-tasting chicken - the Licious way. The film is sure to invoke your senses and leave you drooling for a bite of succulent juicy Licious chicken, drawing you in for a delightful gastronomical experience."

Adarsh Atal, Executive Director - Creative, Tilt Brand Solutions, added, "This was a pivotal brief for us. Licious as a brand has built itself on the proposition of the freshest quality chicken. This time around, we were tasked to land that Licious is, in fact, the tastiest chicken out there, since it is the juiciest. The creative leap we took was to show that when the chicken is so juicy and tasty, it’s enjoyable to eat and equally enjoyable to watch someone eat it.”  

The film:

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