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CNN-News18 unveils on-air programming for G7 Summit

The programming features exclusive coverage and insights

CNN-News18 has unveiled its on-air programming for the 49th G7 summit being held at Hiroshima, Japan.

The English news channel has curated a line-up of shows and segments to keep viewers informed about the significant proceedings of the G7 meetings.

The G7 Summit, an annual gathering of leaders from seven major economies, serves as a platform for global cooperation and decision-making on pressing issues. During this event, heads of state or government from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States come together to discuss and address critical challenges impacting the world.

As part of the weekend show ‘World 360’ - CNN-News18 Political Editor Marya Shakil will present an exclusive segment exploring the significance of India's special invitation to the G7 summit and President Biden's decision to curtail his trip beyond the G7.

The coverage will also take place on CNN-News Prime Time which will cover the inauguration of Gandhi bust in Hiroshima and spotlight the Indian diaspora in Japan showcasing their achievements, contributions and experiences. The G7 coverage will shed light on the implications of key decisions made by world leaders on geopolitical issues.

India's presence at the G7 summit is a testament to the country's increasing influence on the global stage. CNN-News18 will feature in-depth analysis, expert interviews, and exclusive reports as part of its extensive coverage of India's contributions, commitments, and priorities at the summit, highlighting the nation's potential to drive positive change. This coverage aims to provide viewers with a understanding of the summit, capturing its essence and showcasing India's significant role in shaping discussions, initiatives, and policies that have a global impact.

Zakka Jacob, Managing Editor, CNN-News18, said, “At CNN-News18, we’re excited to present our captivating on-air programming for the highly anticipated 49th G7 Summit. The summit is going to be historic specially with Japanese PM considering India as an indispensable partner for peace in the Indo-Pacific region. CNN-News18 has a legacy of extensive coverage of international and geopolitical events through on-ground reportage. The channel always strives to provide a stellar repertoire of content across all formats. Join us as we bring to you an extensive coverage, analysis, and outcomes of this historic summit.”

Viewers can tune in to CNN-News18 Prime Time every day till May 21, and catch World 360 on Saturday, May 20 at 6:30 pm and 10:30 pm.

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