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YiPPee! Noodles’ new TVC encourages consumers to be fun and playful

The brand has launched a new TVC which has been conceptualised by Ogilvy India

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

ITC Sunfeast YiPPee! has launched its new brand proposition “Why Just be Happy, When you can be YiPPee!” through a new campaign.

The campaign embodies its philosophy that ‘YiPPee! Makes You Full of Life’.

The campaign is aimed at showcasing the various ways in which the brand encourages/helps consumers become ‘full of life’, from enjoying a delicious bowl of noodles with friends and family to fuelling one's creativity and productivity.

To mark the commencement of the campaign YiPPee! has launched a new TVC which has been conceptualised by Ogilvy India. The TVC features an upbeat soundtrack with teens, kids, and moms doing cool contemporary activities that make them feel full of life.

From dancing and skateboarding to painting and creating video content together, the TVC showcases a range of activities that capture the essence of being young and carefree.

Kavita Chaturvedi, Chief Operating Officer – Snacks, Noodles and Pasta, ITC Foods Division, said, "According to our consumer research, YiPPee! is seen as a brand that adds excitement and joy to people’s lives. Our new communication campaign aims to inspire one and all to live life to the fullest and embrace a fun and energetic spirit. We are excited to see how this campaign resonates with our consumers and reinforces YiPPee! as one of India's leading instant noodle brands.”

Tithi Ghosh, President, Ogilvy South said, “YiPPee! is a large and popular brand with a loyal franchise amongst kids, teenagers and mothers. It’s a brand that delivers both taste and joy in a meaningfully different way. The new campaign was conceived keeping in mind the X factor about Yippee! that consumers describe in unique ways. Why Just be Happy, When you can be YiPPee! campaign perfectly encapsulates the energy and youthfulness the brand represents in our consumers lives. It showcases the exciting moments in their lives where Yippee! becomes integral. Through this campaign, we hope to excite youth to savour every second of life, just as they would savour each strand of our long, tasty, non-sticky noodle.”


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