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New York Festivals announces 2023 TV & Film Awards winners

India earns a Silver Award for “A League of Extraordinary Makers” by Storyteller Films for CNA

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards competition announced the 2023 Storytellers Gala award winners.

India earned a Silver Award for “A League of Extraordinary Makers” done by Storyteller Films done for CNA, MediaCorp.

For the seventh consecutive year, Al Jazeera English’s coverage of international issues and wide-ranging themes earned the network the prestigious title of Broadcaster of the Year.  The network was awarded an impressive number of trophies across NYF’s robust category roster for their diverse international news and current affairs programming including The Big Picture, Fault Lines, Witness, 101 East, Africa Direct, Al Jazeera Investigations. A Sense of Community, and First Nation Frontlines.   Gold winners include “Fault Lines – Silenced: The Killing of Journalists in Mexico,” “101 East – Thailand's Fearless Cop,” and, “A Sense of Community: Outer Hebrides.” Al Jazeera Digital Gold winners include “Start Here – On the Road,” and “AJ Close Up.”

“It’s an honour to be named Broadcaster of the Year by the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards,” said Giles Trendle, Managing Director of Al Jazeera English.  “Like many media organisations, our journalists face so many challenges in reporting the news and telling the important stories from around the world that matter. This reward is a tribute to our wonderful, creative, hardworking teams who deliver so consistently and with such professionalism. I would like to thank the international jurors and our media industry peers for recognizing the work we do.”

Zinc Media Group was honoured with the Production Company of the Year Award. Known for creating high-quality content for its brands, Zinc Media Group earned multiple trophies including a 2023 Grand Award, a Gold trophy, 4 Silver, and a Bronze trophy for their productions including “Vulnerable People,” “Wish,” “Opening Up,” “Body-Worn Cameras: Teenagers,” and “My Greatest Shot in partnership with Adobe.”

"To be awarded this overall prize of Production Company of the Year, when competing against such revered peers, is such an honour.  I’m very proud of the collective endeavour and the dedication of our team at Zinc Media Group to have reached such a significant milestone in our journey. Thank you to the judges and to the New York Festivals, the award is very gratefully received and will be a prominent part of our ongoing story.”— Mark Browning, CEO of Zinc Media Group

2023 Grand Awards

Vulnerable People, Zinc Media Group – Corporate Image/Attitudinal Training. The Grand Award-winning film was created for Network Rail (NR), the owner and infrastructure manager of the railway network in the UK, to provide NR personnel tasked with handling the delicate situation of the public trespassing on NR infrastructure and how to address the daily risk across the rail network. The film was designed to keep the viewer guessing how it would resolve, to draw them in and remind them that potential fatalities can arise not necessarily from a failure of protocol but by failing to connect separate reports and taking appropriate action.

Peaky Blinders, Caryn Mandabach Productions and Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC One – Entertainment Program/Drama earned the 2023 Grand Award. Set in Britain in 1919, with the nation cleaned out by the extravagances of the Great War, the series chronicles Thomas Shelby and his family who run the most feared and powerful gang, the Peaky Blinders. Named for their practice of sewing razor blades into the peaks of their caps, they make money from illegal betting, protection, and the black market. In season 6, Tommy faces his demons in an epic final showdown.

Naked - Sex and Gender: 1. Born Unequal, 2. Finally Grown Up, German Television ZDF – Documentary/Human Concerns. The Grand Award winning documentary explores the idea that a purely polar view of the sexes is no longer an option. The awareness of the diversity of the sexes, the fluidity of gender identity and the relativity of its classification has increased, due to the emergence of diverse minorities. The production details the sometimes uncontradicted journey through the variety of identities, feelings, fears, and joys urging that… We need to talk. With each other. Now.

To view the 2022 TV & Film winners’ gallery visit: HERE.

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