Chaayos introduces its new Chai Frappe offering with #AisaBhiHoSaktaHai campaign

The campaign encourages innovation and creativity by asking people to think beyond limitations

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Chaayos introduces its new Chai Frappe offering with #AisaBhiHoSaktaHai campaign

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Chaayos recently launched a new summer beverage called the Chai Frappe, and it introduced the same through the #AisaBhiHoSaktaHai campaign.

The Chai Frappe boasts a fusion of the kick of chai and the creamy goodness of frappe, challenging the preconceived notion that chai should only be served hot.

Urging people to think beyond their limitations, the #AisaBhiHoSaktaHai campaign celebrates creativity and innovation by challenging stereotypes, with a twist on what to expect at Chaayos.  

The launch campaign showcases the beauty of the unexpected through a tagline #AisaBhiHoSaktaHai, urging people to let go of their biases and open themselves up to new possibilities.  

#AisaBhiHoSaktaHai features two short films as well as a series of engagements through a digital-led campaign.

In the first film, two girls are shown having a conversation at Chaayos, where one girl is snacking and the other one is having her Chai Frappe. Suddenly, one of them spots three monks performing Tai Chi inside the café holding chai cups. The girl excitedly calls out Chaayos mein ‘Tai-Chai’ ho raha hai! The conversation leads to the discovery of Chai Frappe and the realisation if Chai and Frappe can happen, then a Tai Chi class in a Chaayos café can also happen.

The second film shows an Astronaut standing in line for his cup of Chai at Chaayos. He is seemingly looking out of place in his spacesuit. As one on-looker gawks at the situation, his friend tells him anything is possible, including the unbelievable combination of Chai and Frappe, emphasising that #AisaBhiHoSaktaHai.

Co-founder of Chaayos, Nitin Saluja said, "We at Chaayos are thrilled to launch our newest product, the Chai Frappe, and our #AisaBhiHoSaktaHai campaign. This campaign aims to break free from the traditional stereotypes that limit our thinking, and encourages everyone to explore new horizons. Through #AisaBhiHoSaktaHai, Chaayos hopes to inspire their customers to challenge conventional thinking about chai and embrace new possibilities. The Chai Frappe is a perfect embodiment of this philosophy - a refreshing summer drink that blends two seemingly disparate elements to create something truly unique. The Chai Frappe is a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and excellence, and we believe it will be a refreshing treat for tea lovers this summer." 

Amit Akali, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer and Mandar Sawant, Content Director of Content Platform, Wondrlab, said, “The thrill started when we first tasted Chai Frappe ourselves and it totally amazed us. We wanted to create something as refreshing as the product itself, keeping the unique tone of voice of brand Chaayos that’s relatable and quirky at the same time. Our main campaign thought ‘Aisa Bhi Ho Sakta Hai’ allowed our imagination to go crazy and turn situations like monks performing ‘Tai Chai’ and an Astronaut landing at Chaayos into a reality.” 

Rishabh Dubey, Director, added, “It was exciting to bring to life the whacky idea of characters like astronaut and monks inside the Chaayos cafe. It was also challenging to make them look as real as the drink, Chai Frappe itself.” 

As an extension of the campaign, Chaayos has collaborated with several Indian brands including Sugar Cosmetics, My Glamm, Colorbar, The Hosteller, EazyDiner, Spotify, Bharat Matrimony, Wingreens, and more, encouraging them to showcase their own #AisaBhiHoSaktaHai moments in their product offerings.

An influencer campaign has also been launched, sharing their real-life #AisaBhiHoSaktaHai moments, which they never thought were possible but made it happen.


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