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ABP Network forays into metaverse to mark ABP Nadu's second anniversary

The ABP Nadu Metaverse is a gateway experience to the bigger ABP Metaverse, and will offer visitors a glimpse into new possibilities that the virtual world promises

ABP Network has broken new ground in the virtual world by stepping into the metaverse.

It has launched ABP Metaverse, in partnership with metaverse development platform Graphity.

The move comes as ABP Nadu, the network’s Tamil Nadu news platform, celebrates its second anniversary.

To mark the occasion, the ABP Nadu Metaverse will be officially introduced to users, with the goal to offer them an immersive and interactive experience which enables them to connect with news and events in an entirely new way.

ABP Metaverse is designed to be an engaging platform that features a range of virtual spaces, including newsrooms, interactive games, and virtual worlds like a sports stadium, a metaverse interview room, and more.

In 2022, the global metaverse market was valued at $51.69 billion and is expected to surpass $1.3 trillion by 2030, with a registered CAGR of 44.5 per cent. 

The launch of ABP Nadu Metaverse, and the ABP Metaverse as a whole, marks a milestone in the evolution of the digital media landscape in India.

Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP Network, said, "We are thrilled to announce the launch of ABP Nadu Metaverse. The metaverse is the future of digital media, and we are proud to be the first in the Indian news industry to explore this exciting new space. We believe that the ABP Metaverse will revolutionise the way news is consumed and experienced, and we look forward to welcoming our viewers to this exciting new world." 

K ShanmugaSundaram, Editor, ABP Nadu, said, “ABP Nadu Metaverse will give an exciting new experience for Thamizhargal globally. Let’s get started with this exciting new avatar in Tamil journalism, marked by the bold storytelling of ABP Nadu. As always, the real, bold journalism of ABP Network will be the backbone of this journey and give our viewers an elevated sense of news consumption.” 

Piyush Aggarwal, Co-Founder, Graphity, said, “We’re thrilled to be a part of ABP Network’s breakthrough metaverse endeavour. We hope that visitors enjoy the fresh take on digital news interaction. We’re also working on a bigger, scaled-up version of the ABP Nadu Metaverse to incorporate all of ABP’s news platforms. We are sure this will redefine the way users interact with news in the near future.”  

The ABP Nadu Metaverse is a gateway experience to the bigger ABP Metaverse, and will offer visitors a glimpse into new possibilities that the virtual world promises.

Users will be able to enter the ABP Nadu Metaverse in the form of digital avatars, read the latest and trending news articles, watch ABP Nadu videos, interact with other users via actions, play games, and also take selfies of their avatars to be shared on social media. 

The ABP Nadu Metaverse is now live and can be accessed via ABP Nadu and other ABP Network websites and mobile apps (available for free on Google Play and App Store).



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