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WION to launch on UK’s DTT platform Freeview today

With this, viewers in the UK will have access to the Indian international news brand

WION, World Is One, the international news channel from India, is going to launch on UK’s platform – Freeview via IP and using FAST SSAI today.

With this, the channel aims to expand its global footprint and increase its reach by 15 million
Freeview Connect households in the UK.

WION brings India’s voice to the world, and provides an unbiased platform to the stories that otherwise miss the headlines.

WION’s catalogue comprises of a mix of news and feature shows catering to a global audience across geographies and age groups. Shows such as Gravitas, WION Pulse, This World, The India Story, The West Asia Post, Inside South Asia, WION Wideangle, WION Fineprint, World Of Africa, are quite well known.

Madhu Soman, Chief Business Officer of WION, said, “WION has always been open to exploring new platforms. Taking into consideration the fact that Freeview replaced the old analogue TV service accessibility to a widespread audience in the UK, it is a great opportunity for the channel to present global stories from an Indian perspective. This global move also encourages us to further boost timely and fast-paced news reportage with gripping visuals and strong content, backed by research and investigation.”

Anindya Khare, Marketing Head of Zee Media Corporation, added, “The United Kingdom television viewing market is expected to flourish because of some major factors like emerging economies' rapid economic development, demand for smart televisions, the growing over-the-top platform market etc. We strongly believe that the UK market has a lot of potential for the channel to introduce new customised programme packaging to the audience, engage stakeholders through strategised communication and build on a high preference ratio.”

“Through a strategised approach, we also look forward to being consistent in launching interesting programmes on WION in markets like US, India, UK etc. This allows our glocalised viewers and readers to understand the impact of major global events from a uniquely Indian perspective.”

“We are thrilled to launch WION via Freeview Connect and expand Freeview news offering with the leading news channel from India and also being able to monetise it using the Synapse FAST SSAI,” said Tanya Kronfli, Managing Director of Global Distribution Services, specialising on delivery and digital Monetisation of TV content via Freeview Connect.

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