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Tata Consumer Products hosts first edition of INFUSE’23

The event brought together media industry’s tech and content leaders to discuss ideas to enable them to remain at the forefront of digital innovation

Tata Consumer Products has successfully concluded the first edition of INFUSE’23, an innovation conference aimed at engaging industry leaders across media, content and tech houses.

The day-long event, held in Bengaluru, was spent in engaging industry’s tech and content leaders to discuss various ideas on media innovations, leveraging upcoming technologies, to stay relevant in evolving times. 

The post-pandemic marketing landscape has seen a paradigm shift and more brands have been transforming rapidly to cater to their customers in new and engaging formats.

The platform was facilitated by TCP to encourage healthy exchanges of ideas and insights that best integrate new age technologies like virtual reality, robotics, AI-based algorithms, and personalised content.

As part of the event, there were multiple presentations by top media houses, and activities held for participants in working towards achieving brand salience and driving deeper and meaningful brand engagement.

Some of the sessions were also open to audience Q&A. Brand leaders including Momspresso, XTender, Mashable, BWO-partner to Netflix, Better India and Jio Saavan, among others, participated in the event.

Puneet Das, President, Packaged Beverages, Tata Consumer Products, said, “Disruptive digital advances in marketing is no longer a new concept especially since pandemic has ensured acceleration of digitalisation across avenues. Consumers today have access to content from several channels and across touchpoints. Providing distinctive experiences has become more important than ever, not just to break away from market’s clutter, but also to remain relevant to the evolving digital habits of consumers. Our objective with INFUSE’23 was to bring together media and digital industry experts under one roof and leverage the possibilities of amalgamating technology and digital transformation while also building strong brand equity and A&M networks in the market.”

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