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Mother Dairy partners with mCanvas to launch interactive mobile ad campaign on Holi

With the tagline ‘Khaas Mithai Har Pal Ke Liye’, the mobile campaign encouraged users to bond over their favourite mithai from Mother Dairy

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Mother Dairy has launched a new interactive mobile ad campaign on Holi.

The dairy giant partnered with mCanvas to encourage people to opt for Mother Dairy sweets and add joy to their festive celebrations. 

With the tagline ‘Khaas Mithai Har Pal Ke Liye’, the mobile campaign encouraged users to bond over their favourite mithai from Mother Dairy. Users could share a personalised Holi wish with friends and family through IM for the festival of colour. 

The Mother Dairy Sweets Holi campaign targeted 28- 40-year-old males and females from the Delhi-NCR region, who are culturally driven yet modern inhabitants with active social lives. The challenge was to grab their attention to engage with the ad and buy their favourite sweet from Mother Dairy.

To make this an engaging experience for users, the mobile campaign leveraged Augmented Reality (AR), face detection technology, tap functionality and instant message (IM) shareability, to ‘share a special treat with every moment’, this Holi.

Manish Bandlish, Managing Director, Mother Dairy, said, “The objective behind this campaign was simple – enable tech to engage and connect with today’s consumer and make our sweets synonymous to festivities. The simple narrative of ‘Khaas Mithai Har Pal Ke Liye’ was thus developed. With this campaign, we wanted to encourage our users to opt for our packaged sweets this Holi. We incorporated tech innovations for users to interact with the ad, and message shareability to spread the word with a customised Holi greeting. We’re thankful to mCanvas for an engaging Holi campaign and spreading awareness amongst our audience.” 

The Holi ad campaign took users on an AR journey, with elements like water guns and colours, for an immersive experience. After users gave access to their mobile front camera, the ad used face detection sensors to place bright Holi colours on the user’s face for a festive feel.

Below this, users could browse a range of sweets by Mother Dairy using the arrow keys.

Users could choose their favourite mithai and tap to capture their festive moment. Once done, a greeting card showed users’ face with Holi colours, their sweet and a Happy Holi wish, ‘adding sweetness to the festival of colours’. Users could save the picture and go to the next screen; or they could re-take their festive click.

After saving their picture, the closing screen showed the tagline: ‘Khaas Mithaai Har Pal Ke Liye’, and 2 CTAs. By tapping the CTA: Buy Now, users were directed to a landing page where they could buy their favourite sweets for Holi. 

On tapping the CTA: Share, users could send their customized festive pics and a Holi wish to friends and family on IM. The recipient could click on the link in the message to visit the brand’s microsite for more ‘Mithaas.’ This also helped spread awareness among potential consumers about Mother Dairy’s sweets.

Mother Dairy’s Holi campaign reached over 8.6 million users of their targeted audience. Overall, the campaign kept users engaged for 14 seconds on average, with the festive mobile experience.

Rishi Sharma, Senior VP at mCanvas, concluded, “We wanted to communicate the key message of Mother Dairy’s campaign for Holi, with an innovative and immersive mobile experience. We leveraged AR, the phone camera, face detection sensors and tap features, along with message shareability, to not only build brand awareness but also reinforce the key message of Mother Dairy for Holi. These innovations resulted in a CTR of 1.2% and consumers spent more than 13 seconds on the ad. A not-so-simple idea, turned into an interactive experience!”

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