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mediasmart strengthens its omnichannel programmatic ad platform by launching support for new connected channels

This will help marketers wanting to engage with the multi screening users of today with unified and integrated messaging across screens

Affle’s mediasmart platform has announced the strengthening of its omnichannel programmatic ad platform to better integrate the consumer journey across more connected devices beyond just Connected TV (CTV) and mobile.

This will help marketers wanting to engage with the multi screening users of today with unified and integrated messaging across screens, enabled by mediasmart’s demand side unified programmatic platform. 

With this newest extension of mediasmart's Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) with Audience Sync capabilities, it offers a solution for advertisers to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

With the integration of Mobile, CTV and DOOH campaigns, mediasmart can provide a seamless and synchronised experience for consumers, enhancing brand engagement and delivering a unified consumer journey.

The platform's ability to connect all touchpoints in the consumer journey ensures that advertisers can optimise their campaigns accordingly, maximising their impact and achieving the desired results.

Noelia Amoedo, CEO of mediasmart, said, “Consumer journeys are no longer linear and the actions users take in both online and offline worlds often converge, as users carry their personal devices around but also interact with digital screens while they are out and about. DOOH is yet one more step in the path mediasmart started with Connected TVs at home: to offer relevant advertising experiences not only on personal devices but also across shared screens. The same way mediasmart empowers big screens at home to drive engagement and maximize impact for advertisers via synchronisation with mobile advertising campaigns, we now empower connected screens out-of-home.” 

Guillermo Fernández, Chief Technology Officer at mediasmart, said, “When envisioning this solution, we wanted to not only take advantage of the location-related features of our platform and measure the impact of ads on the physical world but also to include an easy way for users to interact with those ads, as an extension to what advertisers are already capable of doing with our Household sync technology on Connected TV. Our DOOH Synchronisation solution allows advertisers to retarget users that have been impacted by an ad in a digital out-of-home screen on their phones, to close the loop and make omnichannel advertising more effective and  measurable.”

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