Lux Cozi ropes in Vijay Deverakonda as brand ambassador for South Indian market; launches new TVC

The new TVC campaign 'Super Feel' has been launched to maximise the brand penetration and awareness among its customers in the region

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Lux Cozi ropes in Vijay Deverakonda as brand ambassador for South Indian market; launches new TVC

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Lux Industries has roped in actor Vijay Deverakonda as the brand ambassador of Lux Cozi for the South market.

Lux Cozi is also running a new television commercial campaign - titled 'Super Feel' - which features Deverakonda, emphasising the comfort that Lux Cozi products provide to its customers of all ages. 

Yellow Beetle Films has created this 30-second TVC campaign, which is directed by Deven Munjal and Vaibhav Misra.

The TVC begins with Devarakonda walking through an ignited walkthrough on a film set wearing a Lux Cozi vest, with the Lux Cozi undergarment strap visible on his waist. He mentions "Super Feel Undi Ro!” to the surprise of the director.

This happens two more times, each time on adventurous sets, demonstrating Vijay's machismo and the director's growing confusion. Finally, the director walks up to him and asks what he is talking about. Vijay smirks, spins her around in his arms, and points at his Lux Cozi vest. We see Vijay walk back towards the camera and repeat, "Lux Cozi Super Feel Undi Ro!”

Ashok Todi, Chairman, Lux Industries, stated, “Lux Cozi has witnessed remarkable growth since its inception and has been keeping a stronghold in the inner garment sector by its constant innovation and marketing strategies to connect with the audience. Being a consumer-driven brand, we believe in appointing brand ambassadors who help our customers connect better with us. We are confident that Vijay's onboarding as an ambassador of Lux Cozi, will help us to collaborate better with our consumers in the South.”

Saket Todi, Executive Director, Lux Industries, said, “Lux Cozi has an extensive market presence in the rest of India and under our strategic brand approach, it is now time to focus on capturing around 35% market share in South India in the next six months. Thus, we have associated with Vijay to help establish an instant connect with our target consumers in the south and ensure a deeper penetration and recall of our brand among them. Vijay’s dedication to staying fit, healthy, and always charming admirably synergizes with Lux Cozi’s brand ethos of ensuring comfort and a durable lifestyle. We strongly ‘feel’ that the campaign will be appreciated well by our consumers.” 

Deven Munjal, Director, Yellow Beetle Films, said, “While working on the ad, the only thing we focused on was the word ‘feel’. Lux Cozi being an undergarment brand, has always focussed on comforting the consumers with a feel-good factor when one wears it. We curated the TVC keeping that in mind. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Vijay and making the TVC; we hope that it will be loved by every single consumer as well.”

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