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Bobble AI launches conversational commerce offering – Super

The commerce offering lets users shop directly on its AI-powered keyboard

Conversational media platform Bobble AI has launched Bobble Super – a commerce offering that allows users a hassle-free, personalised and real-time intent-based shopping experience directly on its keyboard application.

Users can avail services such as food ordering, travel and ticket booking and online gifting as more than 100 brands are currently available on the platform - including Swiggy, Redrail, Winni, Garnier, The Man Company, Loreal, Maybelline, Happilo and Boult Audio, to name a few.

Bobble AI said that its conversational commerce offering is currently available to its 10 million+ users and is being rolled out to a larger user base and is based on real-time triggered intents by the user alongside a dedicated “Super Assist” Icon placed on the top bar of its keyboard.

The super keyboard app provides users with personalised product and service recommendations across their smartphone journey using advanced intent detection technology that maps their intents across their smartphone usage in real time.

Bobble AI’s conversational commerce platform engages users in real-time offering value-based recommendations to facilitate transactions on a wide range of products and services.

Ankit Prasad, Bobble AI’s Co-Founder and CEO, said, “Bobble AI helps drive quick transactions for brands and business partners by serving the intents via non-intrusive prompts on the keyboard similar to a word suggestion. We strongly believe that this is the start of a new era in the history of e-commerce in India and Bobble AI is going to redefine the industry through its innovative, revolutionary conversational commerce that is the future of e-commerce.”

Sahil Deswal, Bobble AI’s Chief Marketing and Growth Officer, said, “With the global shift in the digital ads landscape, accelerated largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated permanent change in consumer’s behaviour and mindset, the way businesses engage with consumers has been undergoing a significant change and shift in priorities. The global shift from e-commerce to social commerce to conversational commerce is evident as more and more players are exploring platforms that are powerful in real-time intent-to-activation. A recent industry report pins the estimated spend on conversational commerce at $290 billion by 2025.”

In times to come Bobble AI has an extensive plan to grow conversational commerce by introducing gamification with its unique reward engine, integrating a multilingual AI recommendation engine and adding more partner services to build an effective ecosystem for its users to find everything they need without leaving the keyboard environment.

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