Zee Business' YouTube channel registers 50.1 lakh video views on Budget Day

The channel's 'Shining India' Budget show led to a high number of eyeballs for the channel

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Zee Business' YouTube channel registers 50.1 lakh video views on Budget Day

Zee Business’ ‘Shining India’ Budget show led to a high number of eyeballs for its Union Budget programming on February 1, 2023.

Zee Business’ agenda of simplifying the budget and finance jargons for the common man through the ‘Shining India’ show resulted in the channel achieving the highest concurrent viewership and becoming the most-watched business news brand on various social media platforms.

As per the YouTube analytics score, the channel witnessed 154,484 peak concurrent viewers on Budget Day and 50.1 lakh video views, and it became the most viewed business news brand during Union budget programming, as per Vid IQ, for two consecutive days (February 1 and 2, 2023).

Facebook analytics also showed the statistics of 63.2K views for Zee Business.

The ‘Shining India’ Budget show primarily focused on a full-day analysis, empowering the citizens of India with an in-depth understanding of the impact of Union Budget proposals on their day-to-day life. Key industry leaders were allowed to voice out their opinion and present

well-researched analysis to the viewers, through this special Budget Program titled ‘Shining India’.

Anil Singhvi, Managing Editor, Zee Business, said, “Zee Business’ programming has consistently been extraordinarily sharp, covering varied topics ranging from global markets to domestic franchise, economic development to the financial well-being of Indian households etc. The increase in the number of eyeballs on Budget Day is an acknowledgment of the efforts put in by our entire team and a moment of pride for packaging the Union Budget with a strategic approach. We look forward to reporting the latest news on a timely

basis and empowering citizens by providing an analytical view.”

“With 2.36X growth, is one of the fastest-growing business news brands in India. The Budget season generated cross-platform avenues on the channel; with 12.8 Lakh Live YouTube Views, the channel was the most-watched Hindi news brand during the FM's budget speech. This encourages us to further expand our reach and plan thought leadership show programming, and sustain the momentum,” said Madhu Soman, Chief Business Officer, Zee Business and WION.

Anindya Khare, Head of Marketing, ZMCL, added, “Content consumption patterns are evolving and so should marketing strategies. Leveraging the marketing tools such as mailers, print ads, Social Media Push mixed with Budget contests has resulted in maximum ROI for stakeholders’ engagement. Zee Business executed a unique activity where we reached over millions of people in the city with visibility across Mumbai Local trains and streets a day before the Budget to create the Pre-Buzz and also had 2000+ Dabbawalas delivering tagged dabbas to Mumbaikars wearing Zee Business branded caps where the communication was built around keeping them glued to Zee Business as Budget 2023 unfolds. In fact, Zee Business also benefited from the on-air contests and puzzle mixed with social media push as it not only created a pre-buzz for the grand roll out of the show, but also invited an increased number of eyeballs to tune in on Budget Day.”

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