We will take legal action against Kellogg's as plagiarism in advertising is unacceptable at all costs: Ankit Nagori of EatFit

The food platform has accused Kellogg's of plagiarising its ad campaign titled 'Kuch Kar Dikhane Ki Bhook' as the concept and tagline of both are the same

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We will take legal action against Kellogg's as plagiarism in advertising is unacceptable at all costs: Ankit Nagori of EatFit

EatFit, a food platform, has accused Kellogg’s of plagiarising and copying the concept and tagline of ad its campaign- ‘Kuch Kar Dikhane Ki Bhook'.

Ankit Nagori, Founder, Curefoods, the parent company of EatFit, told BestMediaInfo.com that his company would take legal action against Kellogg’s for plagiarism.

Ankit Nagori

Nagori said, “We are planning to take legal action as plagiarism in advertising is unacceptable at all costs. It is unethical and takes away the value of art, hard work, and creativity that goes into creating the original idea.”

EatFit’s ad campaign


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Kellogg’s latest ad film launched two weeks ago:

As per EatFit, the original version of the campaign in question here had been launched during the ICC Men’s international T20 World Cup last year and had also aired on ‘Shark Tank’ India as the food platform was one of the sponsors of both these properties.

Our campaign 'Kuch Kar Dikhane ki Bhook' was conceptualised by an individual artist. We're extremely disappointed to see a global brand reuse the exact same concept and tagline, without doing their due diligence.”

“The original campaign was written and conceptualised by Reshma Thomas, an Indian creative artist. Piyush Mishra who is a voice artist is the voice of the campaign,” the brand stated.

“I request the brand to take down this plagiarised campaign. India needs to safeguard the efforts of individual artists and push back on blatant plagiarism. Let's come together to support originality, the value of creativity and give recognition where it's due,” Nagori added.

 Nagori also told BestMediaInfo.com that he has already reached out to Kellogg’s regarding the same but didn’t hear from them. He said, “I have reached out to the brand officials personally (one-on-one) requesting them to take down the campaign. But, our team has not received any response from them yet.”

He also went on to add that being a truly homegrown Indian brand, it’s important for EatFit to make a statement here considering the Indian startup ecosystem, as that’ll help safeguard the creativity and originality of various other start-ups, individual creators, and artists across the country.

“We have shared a formal communication to the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) to resolve the issue,” Nagori said.

Furthermore, he also pointed out that in the past too, there have been instances of bigger and international brands side-line emerging start-ups and said “It’s high time for us to come together to support the value for creativity, and for global brands to practise accountability and adhere to the art and power of original concepts.”

BestMediaInfo.com has also reached out to Kellogg’s and is awaiting their response.

As per the statement issued by EatFit on the matter, it was highlighted that the brand team had come across media articles and social media posts that talk about the launch of a recent master brand campaign with the same tagline by Kellogg’s.

For the record, Kellogg’s campaign is conceptualised and executed by Ogilvy India.

“This is an example where we see large global brands overpowering homegrown Indian companies,” the brand said.

EatFit’s campaign ‘#KuchKarDikhanekiBhook’ associates one’s hunger with the desire, passion, and ambition to do better, while linking it back to the fact that 'if one eats good food, everything else falls in place.'

The food brand had undertaken a two-pronged approach for its #KuchKarDikhanekiBhook’  wherein Phase 1 saw the campaign launch during the ICC Men’s international T20 World Cup, a  tournament of cricket, which is linked to ambition and also fuels the desire and hearts of many Indians.

In the second phase, the campaign was used on the Indian television show ‘Shark Tank’ where the brand equated 'hunger’, desire and passion with 'entrepreneurship' and 'problem-solving'.

In fact, the 'behind the scenes' segment of the show on SonyLiv is also titled 'Kuch Kar Dikhane ki Bhook by EatFit'.

On the other hand, Kellogg’s launched its Masterbrand campaign titled ‘Kuch kar dikhaane ki bhookh’ two weeks ago, through which it wanted to send the message that children who have a stomach-filling nutritious breakfast get the hunger to achieve their daily milestones across academics, sports and extra-curricular activities.

Kellogg’s had launched the campaign with an ad film centred around a school-going girl, who is shown in different situations in school and is trying to ace both academically and in extra-curricular activities.

Furthermore, Kellogg’s film also brought out the mother’s resolve to help her child achieve these tasks by ensuring that the daughter leaves home after eating breakfast every morning.

The brand film later ended with the girl relishing Kellogg’s Chocos with milk and diving off the board into the swimming pool, supported by a captivating tagline voiced over as “Kellogg’s! Kuch kar dikhaane ki bhookh.”


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