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Ogilvy rolls out numerous activities for its client brands at 83rd edition of Kila Raipur Rural Olympics

Ogilvy took stock of brands that had purpose and rural consumers in their DNA and reached out to clients with ideas in direct response to the direction received from the Rural Olympics management

The 83rd edition of Kila Raipur Rural Olympics saw Ogilvy rolling out of a number of activities for its clients - such as Omnigel, Limca Sportz, Fevicol and Kotex.    

The event commenced on February 3, 2023. With more reach and growth being the single-minded agenda for all marketers, a recent study conducted by the NCAER, rural India, highlights the opportunity of targeting 720 million consumers across 627,000 villages.   

Keeping this opportunity in mind, Ogilvy India rolled out rural focused work rooted in culture. The organising team, was looking for partnerships with brands that could work with their teams to enrich as well as create a delightful experience of the games. 

Ogilvy’s branded content and activation wing set up a small core unit at Kila Raipur in September 2022 to work with the local team and identify areas where brands could play a role.   

They took stock of brands that had purpose and rural consumers in their DNA and reached out to clients like Pidilite, Coca Cola, Cipla, and others; with ideas in direct response to the direction received from the Rural Olympics management.   

Currently, there are four distinct activities happening on ground.   

1. Kotex #PeriodofChange Relay Race: Kotex India has organised a Relay Race at Kila Raipur Sports Festival. In the race, four teams of young girls will pass an open pad instead of the usual baton, with the aim to create a disruptive period conversation.  

2. Omnigel Rahat Dal: Omnigel’s on-ground presence and various pain relief and management facilities such as physiotherapy booths, massage chairs, stretching segments, nurses, paramedics, first aid kits, ambulance, amongst other provisions, is helping athletes realise their full potential while avoiding any unnecessary injuries. 

3. Limca Sportz #RukkMatt Menu: To sample Limca Sportz, a sports hydration drink with lemon, glucose and electrolytes, a menu is curated wherein currency is replaced with physical activities like squats, lunges, burpees, push ups, etc to get the free drink.  

4. Fevicol Chipku Chair:  Keeping in line with Fevicol’s tonality, the brand made a new mark here. Among the many sports at the event, a unique game ensues outside the field of play, in the stadium's spectator stands. The battle for a seat among the many spectators gathered. Fevicol takes a crack at this unique problem by deploying several human OOH within the spectators to lend a quirky solution to this problem. How? With Fevicol's very own brand promise - Ek Mazboot Jod.

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