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Del Monte’s campaign for its mayonnaise range features chef Vikas Khanna

The ‘Made by Chefs, Loved by All’ campaign has been launched to promote the brand’s mayonnaise and ketchup range

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Del Monte, the ketchup and sauce brand, has tied up with Michelin Star awarded chef and MasterChef India judge Vikas Khanna to promote its mayo and ketchup range.

Khanna stars in Del Monte’s ‘Made by Chefs, Loved by all’ campaign - for its Mayonnaise range, showcasing the taste, variety and quality of Del Monte’s mayo range and the reason behind same - the fact that they are made by top in-house chefs using top quality ingredients.

Del Monte India CEO Mahesh Kanchan said, "We are delighted to have Chef Vikas Khanna partner with us on our culinary portfolio of Mayonnaise, Ketchup and Sauces. I say this not only because Vikas is one of the most respected and reputed chefs globally, but also because he is extremely careful about the brands he chooses to work with. For us it is a match made in heaven with him endorsing one of India’s top quality food brands.”

“We believe his association will help increase our awareness amongst consumers and encourage them to choose from the best mayonnaise range available in the market and help us eventually be the first choice in terms of a mayonnaise brand.”

Khanna said, "Del Monte is an international brand, well known for the quality of its products and I am glad to be associated with it. As a chef, while we make our own mayonnaise in our restaurant, I have to say that Del Monte makes a fantastic eggless mayo and amongst all their delicious mayo variants that I have tried, Achari Mayo is my personal favourite.”

“I am impressed with the quality of Del Monte’s products and they are at par with international standards,” he added.

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