Brands go all out to capture audience's attention this Valentine's Day takes a look at some of the top campaigns launched by brands in the season of love

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Brands go all out to capture audience's attention this Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day celebrates love, most brands come out with campaigns highlighting the same as the central theme to celebrate the special day. Several brands have mastered the art of releasing campaigns which click the right note in the season of love, and 2023 is no different. 

Let’s have a look at some of the top Valentine’s Day campaigns from 2023: 

Swiggy- Swiggy rolled out a brand film titled ‘Wrong Address’. The film depicts a tale of a customer who has recently moved into a new city and is craving food which reminds her of her home. However, she gets the wrong dish delivered to her. She later finds out that it’s her neighbour to whom her order has been delivered.

The film then shows the two beginning to talk and the start of a cute relationship. It later depicts the couple’s relationship and journey and how it has progressed. However, it is revealed towards the end that the male protagonist had shared her address on purpose, in an attempt to break the ice. 

Noise- The lifestyle tech brand executed the #StoopidCupid campaign, along with a sale. The brand released a series of three films focusing on stupid things people do for love on the brand’s YouTube channel. The campaign also encouraged people to indulge in the Noise #StoopidCupid sale to get that perfect gift for their partners this Valentine’s Day. 

Enrich- The salon chain this year encouraged people to celebrate themselves on a day that is usually focused on celebrating love for someone else. Enrich has conceptualised a differentiated campaign. The ‘Put Yourself First’ campaign is an extension of their motto, Love Begins With You.

As a part of this campaign, Enrich is sharing a special card with all their customers as well as employees. This card will be from them to them. The card has a special note that serves as a sweet reminder to not forget to love yourself. The brand also released a brand film encouraging people to prioritise themselves. 


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Mars Wrigley- The brand has released a new edition of the famous chocolate, Snickers called ‘Snickers Berry Whip’. The brand also released a new campaign called ‘Blunders Happen when you are Berry Hungry’. The campaign gives consumers a new perspective on love and the innocent blunders made out of affection, in line with the brand’s global proposition of ‘You Are Not You When You Are Hungry.

The brand also collaborated with influencers for the same. 

PVR- The theatre chain celebrated Valentine’s week by hosting a Valentine's Day film festival. It re-released popular romantic Bollywood and Hollywood movies like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Jab We Met and Titanic.

Along with the festival, guests can also opt for a private screening at select luxury cinemas to make the occasion intimate and personalised. Moreover, PVR is also giving a 25% discount on Valentine’s Day e-Gift Cards that can be purchased instantly via PVR app/website. A specially curated four-course couple meal is being introduced at select PVR Luxe/Gold theatres. 

Archies- The brand has launched a thought-provoking campaign with the message of sharing a gift of a card to your loved ones. 

The campaign focuses on reminding people of the joy of holding an actual card in your hands in a fast-paced ever changing world.

Kit-Kat- The chocolate brand launched #LoveBreakLingo special packs with fun, quirky love lingo for any relationship – best friends, first crush, the cool buddy or the bestie. The packs also have a QR code which allows them to use Whatsapp to send personalised messages using the #lovebreaklingo to anyone they choose to. 

Boddess- The online beauty retailer has released a campaign titled, ‘Heart to Heart’. The campaign's message challenges the traditional sentiments around Valentine’s Day. The campaign tells people to modernise Valentine’s Day by infusing it with modernity and inclusivity. 

“Love is for everyone; two youngsters who have just met, best gal pals, LGBTQIA couples, your four-legged companion, the generation that has seen it all and today’s youth that seeks to find love and happiness within themselves,” the brand said. 

They have collaborated with various content creators from the country for the same. 

Senco- The jewellery brand rolled out a new campaign with brand ambassador Kiara Advani in which the star was seen promoting the brand’s newly launched Valentine’s Day special heart-shaped solitaire diamond jewellery collection. 

5 Star- Keeping 5 Star’s quirkiness alive, the brand has launched a campaign to help singles navigate through the love-sick zones and dodge gushy couples during Valentines. 

The brand has introduced a Mush Detector Web App that detects high mush zones thus, helping free birds ‘Do Nothing in peace. 

The web app tracks areas where romantic gifts like chocolates etc are being purchased in large numbers, as well as hotspots like restaurants, cinemas and public places that are likely to be swarming with couples and combines all the data to create a real-time map of mush in any given location. 

Users can also use the AR-mode to point their phone cameras at any location to see if there are mushy areas to avoid. The colour-coded map allows users from across the country to see where V-day celebrations are likely to be in full swing and identify quiet areas where they can do nothing in peace, far away from all the chaos.  

Agoda- The digital travel platform used ChatGPT to pay homage to the romantic hotspots revealed through data by composing unique poems specific to each destination.  

Here’s the poem for Goa- 

“Beneath the sun, the sand is warm

On Goa's beaches, life is calm

Palm trees sway, and waves crash slow

In this paradise, I'll let my worries go

Golden sunsets paint the sky

Fishermen cast their nets and sigh

Coconut groves and spice plantations

This land of beauty, my heart's sensation

Swaying hips and music loud

In Goa, life is one big crowd

Carnival colors, joy surrounds

This land of love, my feet are bound

Goa's history, culture, and soul

Forever in my heart, a special role

With every visit, I'm captured whole

In this gem of India, I find my goal.”

Cadbury- This year, the brand is helping young ones to profess their love to each other by leveraging its website. However, there are very few avenues which prepare young hearts for an outcome they may not foresee or desire – Rejection. Hence, the brand is on a mission to create Valentine’s Day into a day of healthy love with Silk Unforgettable Love Tips.

To give a deeper understanding of what healthy love is, the brand has also partnered with MINDS Foundation, a mental health NGO for young adults to curate multiple relevant articles addressing the topic.

Terribly Tiny Tales- For Valentine’s Day, the brand launched season 4 of its YouTube series Butterflies, in collaboration with Hershey's. The series focuses on showcasing diverse love stories connected by Hershey's Kisses. 

Candere by Kalyan Jewellers-  Candere announced the launch of their Valentines’ Day campaign “Will You?”. The campaign explores Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate love with one and all. “Love is not confined to couples in relationships or in a bond of marriage; but is beyond the definition associated with the terminology. “Will you?” captures every bond of love, be it with family, friends, someone special, or even self-love,” said the brand. 

Philips Domestic Appliances- The brand announced its #TasteOfLove which focuses on the message that love is a bond built on equality and inclusivity. 

The campaign narrative is based on a simple question, what shape is the heart of your Valentine made of? The thought simply is that for Indians, love and love for food almost go hand in hand, and this Valentine’s day, Philips wants people to find out what food will make its way to the heart of their loved one. 

Bumble- This year, the brand collaborated with Tara Sutaria, with a campaign that focused on self-love. Bumble’s new campaign spotlights and celebrates self-love and says that the most important relationship–is the one you have with yourself.

Caratlane- The brand has launched the “Khul Ke Karo Express” campaign for Valentine’s Day 2023. The campaign brings forward multiple stories inspired by real CaratLane customers sharing their emotions. The campaign video captures the narrative of how sometimes we are caught in the monotony of life and miss expressing our love to our loved ones. It further showcases the dynamics between different relationships like father and daughter, the unsaid love story of a husband and wife, and the affection shared by a son and mother. 

Center Fresh- Center fresh has launched a limited-edition Valentine’s Day pack, in association with music streaming platform JioSaavn to help people express themselves better. The Center Fresh Limited edition Valentine’s Day Packs are available at general trade channels.

The limited-edition pack comes with a QR code. When scanned, it directs users to a microsite where the user can enter details of their likes, dislikes, language, music preferences, relationship status, etc. Based on this input, a personalised playlist is rendered from the available 55 million song database on JioSaavan. Further, a text-to-speech AI tool embedded in the platform also allows users to generate a personalised audio message calling out the sender and receiver names.

Manforce Condoms- The brand has released a digital campaign #LoveUpWithManforce for this Valentine’s Day. With this campaign, Manforce encouraged couples to convey their wildest fantasies with the help of the campaign. The campaign provides couples with an opportunity to open up about the wildest fantasies they wish to indulge with their partners.

The brand also roped in influencers such as RJ Rahul Makin, RJ Rochie Rana and content creators such as Satish Ray, Gaurav Kapoor and others by conducting fun activities and games around the campaign. 


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