Subhash Chandra shares his thoughts freely in 'Duologe with Barun Das' talk show

'Duologue with Barun Das' web series featuring Chandra is a series of three webisodes

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Subhash Chandra shares his thoughts freely in 'Duologe with Barun Das' talk show

The Founder of ZEEL will be seen sitting down and sharing his views freely in the new episode of ‘Duologue with Barun Das’.

In the episode, be it about his politics, business, or human resource management, Chandra opens up to Das as the latter probes him intently on many contentious issues summing up the journey so far of someone who the world hailed as a media mogul.

Chandra traverses the journey of life marking its highs, lows from his early days as a rice exporter.  

The audience will also get to see the ZEEL Founder turn philosophical when the talk is about Dr Chandra’s recent electoral loss.

The insightful conversation draws the Haryana-bred entrepreneur in a myriad of unseen, unheard and unknown emotions – sublime to subtle to sagacity to serendipity.   

Chandra also opened up on his tryst with politics, his love for the idiot box, restlessness with some “bad hires” and his new found love for Japan (Sony). Further, in response to a question on loss of control of ZEEL (he founded as a young businessman), the chairman emeritus of the company says he has not thrown in the towel yet.

Incidentally, Chandra had turned to Das during the ZEEL takeover, making a plea for “saving Zee” and this did come up during the show, with the former identifying those he wanted the company to be protected from.

‘Duologue with Barun Das’ has Chandra dwell at length on the political landscape in the country with Das quizzing him on his love-hate relationship with AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal.

Answering a pointed query on how he sees the future of Kejriwal and AAP given that he has been aspiring to be a challenger to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Zee founder didn’t shy away from expressing himself openly. "I doubt that the Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal will do any good for this nation.” 

On corporate takeover of media (in reference to the Adani-NDTV deal) question, Chandra put up a straight bat but not without having a swipe at the business magnate who now owns NDTV.

'Duologue with Barun Das' web series featuring Dr Subhash Chandra is a series of three webisodes.

EP1: An Enduring Enigma

EP2: The Business of Life

EP3: Creator and Destroyer

To watch the episodes, readers can download the News9Plus app here:

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