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Panasonic reiterates its commitment to driving sustainable development through Green Impact campaign

The campaign highlights the brand’s vision for creating a greener, healthier, more equitable future across various media platforms in India today

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Panasonic Life Solutions India, the technology company, has launched its Green Impact campaign alongside global sports personalities Naomi Osaka, Nathan Chen, and Michael Phelps.

The campaign highlights the brand’s vision for creating a greener, healthier, more equitable future across various media platforms in India today.

Under the banner of Panasonic’s new brand action slogan – ‘Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.’ the Green Impact campaign, highlights the environmental challenges that the world faces today and encourages everyone to come together and be the champions of sustainability.

Manish Sharma, Chairman, Panasonic Life Solutions India and South Asia, said, “Over 1 billion people across the world use Panasonic products every day. That’s a significant number and comes with an even bigger responsibility. We believe that all businesses must approach manufacturing and business practices to mitigate climate concerns. Hence, we are today launching the India leg of this important global brand campaign that was introduced at the CES 2023.

He added, “Under Panasonic Environment Vision 2050, we are committed to achieving net-zero CO2 emissions from business activities of all group operating companies by 2030 and contribute a total of more than 300 million tons in CO2 emissions reductions by 2050. With this approach, we’re advocating for a circular economy model that regenerates end-of-life products to eliminate waste, safeguard resources and reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, we are working to enrich people’s lives by developing innovative technologies like Miraie, nanoeTM, and Econavi, to make a positive impact on their overall well-being while contributing to a greener future.”

According to a recent report by the UN, the negative impacts of climate change are mounting much faster than predicted. The digital film showcases, how the environment, be it our water bodies, green patches or ice glaciers are being impacted by the climate change and how the time to act is now.

The Green Impact campaign, is an endeavour to spread the message of sustainability and inspire consumers to join us in this journey of change, alongside decorated sports personalities like - American swimmer - Michael Phelps, American figure skater - Nathan Chen, and Japanese tennis player - Naomi Osaka.

Shirish Agarwal, Head - Marketing Communications and Brand, Panasonic Life Solutions India, said, “Followed by the announcement of our new brand action tagline - Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.; the Green Impact campaign film, reinforces Panasonic’s commitment to create a more sustainable future, and urges people to make a difference by being champions of change - which resonates with our target group of GenZ and millennials today. Our exhibition at the recently concluded CES 2023, is a testament to our efforts towards developing innovative technologies to enrich lives and at the same time contribute towards solving environmental problems. In India, we have undertaken many campaigns such as #DiwaliWaliSafai, #WelcomeToAdulthood, amongst others to drive awareness around sustainable practices and inculcating responsible environmental behaviour through active engagements with consumers and communities and we will continue to do so.”

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