Moneycontrol unveils its special line-up 'Budget 23 - The New Normal Budget'

The multi-format coverage is designed to explain policies, simplify them, and examine their impact on the economy

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Moneycontrol unveils its special line-up 'Budget 23 - The New Normal Budget'

Moneycontrol, the business and finance platform, has unveiled ‘Budget 2023 - The New Normal Budget’ – a multi-format line-up designed to explain the Union Budget policies, simplify them, and examine their impact on India to the people.

The Union Budget 2023 is a highly anticipated event in India’s economic calendar and this year’s exercise assumes significance because it is the final full-year budget before the Lok Sabha elections in 2024.

Moneycontrol’s Budget coverage contains the ‘Moneycontrol Manifesto’, which provides a holistic set of recommendations for the policies that the government will need to take to revitalise the Indian economy after Covid-19. The sectoral analysis will discuss important policies and reform report cards for several industries; macros and markets, a video-led IP, which will include CEOs, COOs, and economists' perspectives on the upcoming budget.

‘B for Budget, G For Green’ will focus on core issues of climate finance; ‘Commentary Box’ will include an opinion piece from economists, sector experts, and industry captains on the state of the economy, the business environment, and policy imperatives.

‘The Manual’, a video/podcast series will explain key fiscal and budget terms, processes and practices for the uninitiated; ‘Your Money, Aapka Paisa’ will feature stories on personal finance and what’s expected in the form of tax breaks, mutual funds etc for citizens.

Multiple series like ‘Ghar Ka Ganit’ will discuss kitchen economics and managing the kitchen budget; ‘Youth Agenda’ will highlight what the youth of India expects and wants from the budget; ‘Sectoral Expectations’ will have seven roundtables of industry experts from seven sectors and their expectations from the budget.

Through these formats, Moneycontrol aims to facilitate accessibility and comprehension of the budget and present it in a simplified manner.           

Binoy Prabhakar, Executive Editor, Moneycontrol, said, “The Union Budget is a crucial event as it sets the tone for the financial and economic plans of the government for the coming year, and is closely watched by businesses and citizens alike for its potential impact on various sectors. In keeping with our commitment to providing the users with comprehensive and expert coverage of the Union Budget 2023, Moneycontrol has compiled an extensive array of content offerings to give our audience a clear and intelligent analysis of the budget."

On February 1, Moneycontrol will provide minute-by-minute coverage and analyses of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s key announcements. Users can also catch the live Union Budget speech and obtain editors' and economists' real-time analysis of the effects of the announcements on Moneycontrol's home page and its social media accounts.

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