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Zomato and Cred use the ad within an ad concept effectively in their respective campaigns

In the ad, while Zomato represents a typical stereotypical Hindi daily soap scene in a witty way, Cred has featured some of India's biggest sports personalities

At a time when people are too quick with hitting the skip or next button when browsing online, Zomato and Cred have attempted to make their users stay and take note with their quirky advertisement on their social media channels.

In their latest advertisements, Zomato and Cred have shown how to make an ad within the main advertisement.

Zomato's new ad begins with a discussion in their team's meeting room where a creative team member is seen brainstorming the food delivery app's next campaign. He is seen conceptualising a typical dramatic and sentimental ad and pitching it to the senior.

The pitch of the ad, resembling a scene from an Indian television daily soap, begins by showing a man in a coma, his crying mother and a doctor who comes and tells the woman that they tried everything but nothing seems to be working. 

What brings the son out of the coma is his mother suggesting to the doctor - "Did you order his favorite Penne Arrabiata from Zomato?" 

As soon as she opens the Zomato app on her phone to place an order, her son shows instant improvement, opens his eyes and wakes up. 

There is a text at the end of the ad, which says, "Don't force us to make this ad. Just order your favourite dishes from Zomato."

The food delivery app's advertisement represents a witty way to present a typical sentimental ad. 

Reacting to the advertisement, a viewer commented, "How can you people create such a creative advertisement?" 

Similarly, Cred's recent advertisement has also showcased an ad within an ad concept featuring some of India's biggest sports personalities. 

It takes a dig at the unique standards that Cred ads have set in the past.

In the advertisement, Anil Kumble, Jhulan Goswami, Sunil Chhetri, MC Mary Kom and Viswanathan Anand, reach the shoot location for Cred's new ad, thinking they will have to do some quirky stuff. However, they get disappointed when they find out that all they were supposed to do was read a simple line telling the viewers that they can pay multiple bills on the Cred app.

Earlier, Cred took to Twitter and released a teaser of the new advertisement.

The Cred advertisement has received 93,000 views in two days on YouTube. 

Appreciating Cred's unique engaging marketing strategy, a viewer on YouTube wrote, "When you realise this is not an unreleased ad. This is 'the ad'." 

Another viewer wrote, "I like how India is changing and how social media is covering each area...the creativity behind these ads is on another level." 

Both brands, Zomato and Cred, are known for their unique marketing strategy. Through their ads, both brands have managed to serve content which has managed to woo the audience, by and large. 

Zomato focuses on following the latest trends in marketing and uniquely connecting them to the food delivery app brand. 



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