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Swiggy Instamart sells over 50 lakh kg of organic fruits and vegetables in 2022

Biryani continued to set new records with 2.28 biryani orders per second; India’s taste buds also explored foreign flavours with Ravioli (Italian) and Bibimbap (Korean) emerging as popular choices

Swiggy has released its annual trends report: How India Swiggy’d 2022.

Top Trends:

  • WO(K)E Saat saal with Biryani - The foodies have spoken once again!!! Users said YES YES YES to Biryani making it the most ordered dish on Swiggy yet again for the 7th year running. Looks like yeh SAAT hum nahin chodenge!! The dish showed its asli dum with a mind-boggling 137 Biryanis being ordered per minute; that's 2.28 Biryanis per second!!!
  • Crepe Diem; an ode to the Masala Dosa - Customers found comfort in ordering the classic Masala Dosa again and again making it No 2 amongst the most ordered dishes
  • Catering to every snack attack - Nashta+Tiffin+Chai Time was made special with Samosa taking the pole position. More than 40 lakh crispy tikona yumminess were ordered and devoured
  • Firangi Flavour profiles saw an uptake with orders of Sushi, Mexican Bowls, Korean Spicy Ramen and Italian pasta growing
  • Late Night cravings - extinguished with Popcorn. 22 lakh orders of Popcorn were placed; a majority of which were post-10 p.m.
  • Meethe mein Kya tha - Loyalists stuck to their forever favourite Gulab Jamun which was the top most dessert ordered 27 lakh times. Sweet dreams were also made of Rasmalai with 16 lakh orders and Choco Lava Cake with over 10 lakh orders. We all screamed for Ice cream with Choco Chip, Alphonso Mango and Tender Coconut being the most ordered.

Exploring cuisines Guilt-Free

  • Swiggy saw over 23% more searches for guilt-free food options this year
  • The most preferred time of the day when users opted for guilt free dishes was during the afternoon

Gourmet Gurus love to Swiggy it!

  • Fine food lovers from Mumbaikars contributed to over 30% of all gourmet orders on Swiggy
  • Not be left behind, a customer from Bangalore alone placed a staggering 118 orders for gourmet dishes in just a week

Let's Dineout

As the pandemic waned, eating out is “In” again. Swiggy Dineout saw rising popularity among users with over 10,000 new restaurants joining the platform this year

  • Delhi topped the charts for the 4th time in a row for using Dineout. Truly deserving of its capital of India status
  • With average bookings of 596 tables per hour, customers saved a whopping Rs 450 crores using Dineout
  • Customers spent 25% more while dining out in 2022

According to the report, 85% of Swiggy One users used more than one service from Swiggy. Members saved the most with free deliveries. Members across India enjoyed free deliveries worth tens of crores. Bangalore emerged as the top city that saved the most with Swiggy One. Members from Bangalore saved over Rs 100 crores followed closely by those in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi. One member from Delhi alone saved the highest of INR 2.48 lakhs

Swiggy Food Delivery

Enabling more Restaurant Partners - In 2022, a record-breaking 1,00,000+ new restaurants and cloud kitchens joined Swiggy across the country and reached new customers

Our hungriest customers - Came from Bangalore with a single order worth Rs 75,378 during Diwali. He was followed by a customer in Pune who ordered burgers and fries for his entire team with a bill value of Rs 71,229

Swiggy Instamart - Quick Commerce Grocery

What did India need “quickly”

  • The Quick club - Over 5 crore orders and counting just from Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai
  • India runs on Coffee & Tea - Customers fueled themselves by ordering Chai and Coffee variants on Instamart. Swiggy Instamart witnessed a 305.55% growth in orders for tea and 273.67% for coffee
  • Mera Sabzi wala - The vegetable market came home pronto with Swiggy Instamart. Onions, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Watermelons, Bananas and Tender Coconut were the most ordered Fruit & Vegetables
  • Towards Healthy eating- The clean eaters chose to shop on Instamart with over 50 lakh kilograms of organic fruits and vegetables being sold on the platform. The healthiest eaters came from Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune. Exotic fruits such as Dragon Fruit, Pomelo, Berries, Wood Apple found love too with over 17 lakh kilograms of exotic fruit being sold

Instamart Search Trends

We noted some quirky search trends on Instamart including - Petrol (huh?); Mommy (hamare paas ma hai?) Sofa (lasting couch!), beds, underwear (ahem! Strictly andar ki baat) and more. We get it, and we’ll try bringing some of these to you next year maybe. To the 55,000 users who searched for Swiggy and Instamart on Instamart- you’re always on our minds too!

Swiggy Genie Ka Jadoo

  • Most orders by a single User - A user from Bhubaneswar made 2,707 orders this year!
  • All day I dream about food – The most popular request on Genie was for food items!
  • Door aye durust aye - Our delivery partner travelled 51 Kms to deliver a critical item for repair on behalf of a customer
  • Pass Pass - Magic Carpet vibes - Our partner delivered items to a customer at lightning speed from a store just 6 metres away!!

A Chicken Run on Swiggy Meat Delivery

  • Customers love their chicken. It was the most ordered meat across India with over 29.86 lakh orders
  • In the meat delivery category, Bangalore ranked No.1 followed by Hyderabad and Chennai. Bangaloreans ordered more meat than Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Kolkata, Pune and Coimbatore combined

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