Moneycontrol to present 'Travels—Near and Far' - a guide for people looking to plan the perfect trip

As per Moneycontrol, its New Year 2023 Issue “Travels - Near and Far” is all about curated travel experiences

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Moneycontrol to present 'Travels—Near and Far' - a guide for people looking to plan the perfect trip

Moneycontrol has announced that it is going to call 2023 as “The Year of Limitless Travel”. This comes after two successive years of supporting the initiative to stay home, stay safe. Therefore, its New Year 2023 Issue “Travels - Near and Far” is all about curated travel experiences.

As per the platform, domestic travel is up - over 1.1 crore passengers flew across India in November 2022 alone. And the number is still slightly lower than pre-Covid levels, and it forecasts that this is set to change in the New Year.

International travel, too, is picking up pace. And though there are some glitches like long wait to get visa appointments for some countries, Covid restrictions are gone, and tourist services are back on line - a sign of good things to come, Moneycontrol said.

The special issue includes stories, hacks, itineraries and ideas for different types of travels and travellers, from backpackers to luxury glampers, and from adventurists to armchair travellers.

Up to 10 distinct sections make this MC Travel Special easy to navigate and discover experiences for all kinds of travellers. Here are a few samples.

  • 28 feature stories out of the 100-plus articles focus on travelling through seven key financial capitals of the world - Mumbai, London, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong. Articles in this segment have been written by people who’ve lived in or spent considerable time in these cities and can give an insider’s view on the city’s vibe and culture.
  • Travel on a budget is all about stretching the rupee - often taking writers to less explored but incredibly beautiful destinations around India and abroad. A trip to Bhopal to see the Bhimbetka Caves? Or to Budapest and Croatia for the most stunning views and rich history? We’ve got those covered too.
  • The 36 hours in segment comprises tried-and-tested itineraries to explore major cities when you have a long weekend, or when are on a work trip that you can extend for a couple of days.
  • The best of section comprises listicles, recommendations, and ideas - check our lists for travel ideas throughout the year and Travel Guide 2022-23 will have travel experiences, hacks and conversations.

“The Moneycontrol Travel Special is a must-have, definitive guide to inspire and help people looking to experience smart travel. The series contains something for everyone bitten by the travel bug—those looking to discover new places or explore culture and food or those who just want to a grab a weekend break,” said Binoy Prabhakar, Executive Editor, Moneycontrol.

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