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Hyundai’s ‘Beyond Mobility 2.0’ campaign shows its plans to introduce smart mobility

The campaign consists of a 60-second film followed by a series of small ones focusing on the features of Spot

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Hyundai, the automotive manufacturer, is traditionally known for offering mobility solutions, the future advancement in the company is aptly called ‘Beyond Mobility’, in line with the futuristic technology that Hyundai is involved in.

The direction is true to Hyundai’s vision “Progress for Humanity” that aims at coming up with future mobility solutions guided by a commitment to create a better society.

The latest campaign Beyond Mobility 2.0 is a prelude to transform future mobility landscape into an advanced and sustainable habitat with smart mobility for everyone and robots playing an enabler’s role, while also adding a new dimension of capability and companionship for humanity. The campaign captures all these moments. 

Vivek Srivastava, Joint Managing Director of Innocean India, said, “Based on our client Hyundai’s bold vision at the marquee level the team at Innocean arrived at an all-encompassing campaign idea that’s meant to nudge consumers and brand believers into a zone that gives a glimpse of the future today itself. Beyond Mobility campaign is not about abstractions rather it’s about tech fantasies coming alive. It’s truly a remarkable testimony to an integrated execution.” 

The commercial subliminally tags all safety features like Hyundai SmartSense level 2 ADAS that enhances a stress-free driving experience or soon to be launched electric vehicle IONIQ 5 makes the campaign enriched with the most advanced mobility solutions in display.

IONIQ 5 is developed on the E-GMP (Electric Global Modular Platform) which is laden with future technology. The other highlight of the campaign is the advanced robotics outcome, Spot, the quadruped walking robot that can navigate terrains with unprecedented mobility. Spot is capable of routine inspection tasks and capture data safely, accurately, and frequently.

Shiveshwar Raj Singh, the Creative Head at Innocean India, said, “For the second phase of Beyond Mobility, we created an engaging campaign pivoted around some of the newer technologies being developed by Hyundai. A lot of these are truly beyond our conventional view of mobility. Our idea encapsulates the multi -varied facets of how these will impact our lives sooner than later, while stringing it under one umbrella. The execution has been kept futuristic and differentiated. In essence this campaign is an attempt to portray what tomorrow would look like as the technology leaps of Hyundai get activated.”

The campaign consists of a 60-second film followed by a series of small ones focusing on the features of Spot, along with many of the innovations and feats that Hyundai has achieved.

Anushina Rajesh, Vice-President at Innocean India, said, “With Beyond Mobility 2.0 campaign, the task was to take the campaign further from the previous communication by focussing on the twin pillars of Technology and Innovation. For this purpose, a unique film was crafted with a spectacular display of advanced technologies and unique innovations which aim to transcend the realm of real and virtual, showcasing the brands’ vision and communicating the brand stance of going leagues ahead of the customers’ expectations to bring them Quality Time, which is at the heart of the Hyundai ideology.”

The campaign also shows a glimpse of Hyundai’s innovative thinking as it showcases the metaverse presence of the brand.

The multimedia campaign is spread across various touch points and has been planned for high reach across the target audience.


Client: Hyundai Motor India 

Agency: INNOCEAN Worldwide, India 

Executive Director: Arjun Modayil

National Creative Director: Shiveshwar R Singh

Associate Creative Director: Sneh Shruti

Vice President: Anushina Rajesh

Client Services Director: Udit Mehta

Director: Andreas Grassl

DOP: Matt Shaw

Production House: Picture Perfect Films

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