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Hrithik Roshan makes an emotional claim in Probus Insurance Broker’s new ad campaign

The campaign portrays the promise of Probus to its policyholders through Roshan’s emotional claim – “Policy Dilaane Se, Claim Dilaane Tak - Aapka Saathi, Aapka Saarthi”

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Probus Insurance Broker, an insurtech company, has launched its first digital ad campaign featuring its brand ambassador, Hrithik Roshan.

The campaign, ‘Aapka Saathi, Aapka Saarthi’, launched through a TVC takes inspiration from insurance advisors (PosP) who play the role of a friend – ‘Saathi’, and also a guide – ‘Saarthi’ in every client’s decision-making journey.

The campaign portrays the promise of Probus to its policyholders through Roshan’s emotional claim – “Policy Dilaane Se, Claim Dilaane Tak - Aapka Saathi, Aapka Saarthi”.

The TVC portrays various characters who are advised by Hrithik Roshan to get insurance from a Probus partner. The superstar highlights the contribution of thousands of insurance advisors associated with the brand and reassures viewers of Probus’ value in the lives of their millions of customers. 

The campaign comprises of two TVCs, one of which tells the life story of a man who has lived through many uncertainties and hardships and has finally purchased his own home. While the Probus PosP advises him to insure his house, Roshan walks in and makes him see the gravity of taking insurance from a reliable and trustworthy company like Probus.

An average Indian finds it very difficult to achieve complete financial wellness without the help of proper support from a well-wisher or a friend who can be trusted. With this thought at the centre, Probus has consistently kept its insurance advisors at the core of its business model.

Roshan highlights the support offered by the PosP in the TVC. The campaign’s second TVC is about a retired and ill teacher whose student is now a Probus PosP and advises her to get health insurance, while Hrithik joins her in resonating with this advice.

Rakeh Goyal – Managing Director, Probus, said, “Watching our dreams, the seeds of which were sown over a decade ago has finally come alive and it’s been an emotional moment for all of us at Probus. We are overwhelmed and this campaign is dedicated to every partner and team member who made this day possible. In our ten-year history, this is the first time we have spent on an ad campaign. Our core team has remained the same since our inception and we only grew by word of mouth so far, thanks to our loyal customers. We have worked very hard to be a profitable company, especially through the pandemic. We are only the second company in India, in the insurtech space to receive FDI inflow from a globally renowned European Impact Fund set up by an initiative of the United Nations. Moreover, 60% of our decision-makers and more than 45% of employees at Probus are women, which is reflected in the ad too with a woman PosP”.

He added, “In fact, the inspiration to launch an ad campaign came from our own partners who were of the opinion that it’s high time the world knew about Probus’ good work. This confidence of our partners in us, led us to take the decision of creating this ad campaign and a few months later, we signed Hrithik to demonstrate the trust, dynamism and values of our brand.”

“When we thought of the campaign with Hrithik, our primary objective was to take Probus to the masses, going beyond the existing 15,000 pin codes we serve, which is 80% of the country and extending it to 19,000+ pin codes across India, which would be a 100% coverage.”

The ad campaign will be promoted through TV, digital platforms including OTTs, theatres, out-of-home advertisements, etc. to ensure we reach the nook and corner of India.

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