How to make the most of your travel advertising post-Covid

Investing in SEO, utilising user-generated content and taking advantage of deals and discounts are some of the tips that can help travel advertisers break the clutter

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How to make the most of your travel advertising post-Covid

You can’t stop looking at those conference announcements, but if you’re anything like the marketing team at your travel agency, you’re not sure what to make of them. You want to know what it all means, but doing so can be difficult with all the industry lingo and buzzwords flying around. Luckily, we’re here to break it down for you in our guide on how to make the most of your travel advertising post-Covid.

Reassure customers with your messaging

Messaging is important to reassure customers that you are doing everything possible to keep them satisfied. For example, a sample message may be something along these lines: We want you, our valued customer, to be confident in our business and what we do. We are taking every measure possible to make sure you are safe when travelling with us. Our customers are our priority, and we will continue to take care of them by providing informative updates on this matter. Please feel free to reach out if there is anything we can do for you.

Get creative with your channels

Tours and safaris are a big deal, with destinations such as Africa, Asia, and South America a mainstay. But in recent times, self-driving tours have been catching on around Europe and North America. Self-drive tours in Iceland offer people the opportunity to explore countries like Iceland on their own terms. With some designated highways or scenic routes mapped out for you, you can decide which area suits your needs best.

Utilise user-generated content

If you want to take advantage of user-generated content, consider these four tips:

  • Define your niche - who is your typical traveller?
  • Create a consistent content creation schedule - when do you publish new blog posts?
  • Leverage partnerships with influencers and experts in your industry - what do they have that you don't?
  • Engage with customers on social media - how can you get them engaged with your brand's voice?

Take advantage of deals and discounts

Post-Covid, many travel agencies are looking for ways to get themselves back on their feet. One way you can use this time as an advantage is by taking advantage of deals and discounts that are offered in the travel industry. For example, you can take advantage of Groupon's Vacation Deals or Airbnb's Weekly Deals. This will make your company seem more attractive and up-to-date in a competitive market. It may also attract new customers because they know they won't have to pay full price. You could also offer your own discount or deal through social media, like Facebook or Twitter promotions for 10% off purchases within the next two weeks.

Invest in SEO

Investing in SEO (search engine optimisation) can help you get more eyes on your website so that more people will be able to find you when they are looking for a travel company. To start, make sure your site is mobile responsive and that it's easy for Google to crawl. Next, create compelling content which includes a variety of keywords and links to other pages on your site. This way, Google knows what your site is about and can rank you higher in search results.

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