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Health and wellness app, ToneOp launches new OOH campaign in Bhopal for its healthy kitchen brand – ‘ToneOpEats’

The creative team at ToneOp came out with their ides to put up interesting ToneOpEats hoardings across Bhopal

Health and wellness app ToneOp has rolled out a new hoarding campaign for their healthy kitchen - ToneOpEats.

The creative team at ToneOp came out with their ides to put up interesting ToneOpEats hoardings across Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. 

People often sing the brand's jingles or tagline, which makes them focus on the brand differently. They would have never used the products or bought that particular brand, but the it has made a mark on them. The brand had this in mind while creating the hoardings for ToneOpEats!

The campaign aims to gather people's attention through these catchy lines to build a brand identity in a tier-2 city. People love these songs, and to mix these songs with the brand is something that has been done by this time.

The team has replaced a few lines of the golden era songs with ToneOpEats.

The billboards are strategically placed in Bhopal, so someone is in traffic or passing through high-traffic areas will see it at least once. The billboard is created attractively and aims to capture more than 40,000 eyeballs daily.

Parth Bansal, the founder of ToneOp, said, “Our creative team mixed and matched the songs with our brand to turn your daily humming factors into a reminder of ToneOpEats. Once we listen to an old or new song, we hum for a long time. The same will happen once you see this creative content across the city.”

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