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Dainik Jagran-Inext’s Indian Intelligence Test season 9 records 70% growth in registration

The test determines the intelligence type of students and gives them a new perspective towards selecting the right career opportunities

The ninth season of the Indian Intelligence Test, an initiative of Dainik Jagran-Inext recorded 70% growth in the registration numbers from the past season conducted in November 2021. 

The test determined the intelligence type of students and gave them a new perspective towards selecting the right career opportunities. Over the past eight seasons, more than six lakh students have benefited through the test across 12 major cities of the Hindi Heartland. 

Alok Sanwal, CEO of Dainik Jagran-Inext, commented, “Every year with the Indian Intelligence test, Jagran Group reaches out to thousands of students across Hindi speaking market to recognise and nurture their strengths from an early stage. These are the strengths which aid in the self-growth of a child and help both parents and teachers to support their wards in the best possible way. Through the past eight seasons, this test has been our small contribution towards building a progressive nation and we hope that corporates and educationists will continue to support us for many more successful seasons ahead of us.” 

The test is conducted every year during the month of October – November majorly in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand.

The candidates were evaluated across multiple intelligence and aptitudes and were provided with a detailed report of their profile which acted as a comprehensive guide to their performance and selection of the right career. 

45% of the test takers were girls across more than 728 schools who supported this initiative by encouraging students to participate in the test and praised the efforts of the Dainik Jagran Inext team for this unique initiative. 

Indian Intelligence Test is based on the multiple intelligence theory by Dr Howard Gardner, who proposed that there are nine different types of intelligence to account for a broader range of human potential in children and adults. As per each intelligence type, a few potential career options that are best suited to the candidate are recommended. It is recommended to take this test every year as each child keeps growing both physically and mentally and these intelligence types keep developing within them.

Dainik Jagran said that this initiative was well-liked by students, principals, teachers and parents alike. "While students were happy that their parents will support their career interests, parents and teachers were encouraged to support the students in their areas of interest and were ready to help them in their potential career options," it added.

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