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Clovia's first TVC featuring Shraddha Kapoor showcases how happiness lies within

The film subtly challenges societal perceptions and conventions, which bind women

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Clovia has launched its first TVC ‘Happy is my Superpower’, featuring brand ambassador Shraddha Kapoor.

The star will be seen as the face of the brand in a 360-degree campaign over digital, cinema and social media apart from TV. 

The campaign revolves around embracing your true self. While the idea of happiness is controlled by larger forces at play, Clovia showcases how happiness lies within.

Women are always expected to be a certain way which almost always gets in their way of being happy. Every single day, the urban Indian woman has to make difficult choices - constantly juggling between societal expectations and living life on her own terms. The film subtly challenges societal perceptions and conventions, which bind women. The TVC is a celebration of women doing what makes them happy while celebrating their unbeatable spirit.

Neha Kant, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Clovia, said, “Clovia has been tirelessly putting in efforts to educate & empower women by sharing critical information when it comes to lingerie, right fit and body type. Shraddha Kapoor truly resonates with the brand’s ethos and has unthinkable mass popularity as she has a persona of a strong, independent & free-spirited individual. With our association with Shraddha, we are certain that we will be able to bring in further change in perceptions & spread a positive message among our target audience.”

Shraddha Kapoor said, “I am elated to associate with Clovia; a brand that believes in propagating happiness. This is a big step taken by us to normalise conversations that were until now spoken about in hush voices. There is no denying that wearing what you like and owning how you look, can be a real confidence booster. I am truly in love with the idea that only you can make yourself happy and being happy can be your Super Power!”

Film Director Punit Malhotra who directed the TVC from Dharma 2.0, said, "We are excited to partner with Clovia to design and execute the brand's maiden TV ad campaign. Getting Shraddha on board has brought life into the TVC as she has a strong connection with the millennial girls where she brings her true self to the audience. She is an inspiration for many girls who do not shy away from living their life on their own terms."

The TVC:


Production House: Dharma 2.0

Director: Punit Malhotra

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