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Assiduus Global partners with Jetsynthesys’ Jet Set Grow to empower brands

The partnership will enable Assiduus to offer services to brands to build awareness/generate revenue via social media, content marketing, influencer engagement, etc. alongside its cross-border e-commerce acceleration offerings

Assiduus, the AI-powered cross-border e-commerce accelerator, has entered into a promising partnership with JetSynthesys, the new age digital entertainment and technology company.

Alongside its robust cross-border, cross-marketplace e-commerce acceleration offerings, Assiduus will also offer Jet Set Grow’s services such as performance, influencer and digital marketing to brands to help them grow and strengthen their foothold on global audiences

In this partnership, Assiduus will refer its existing clients to Jet Set and Jet Set will be referring its customers to the e-commerce pioneer who are scaling their cross-border e-commerce capabilities. The collaboration will also entail data capture from multiple points.

Assiduus intends to build a tech play around these offerings comprising three levels - first mile (building awareness), middle mile (selling) and last mile (the actual delivery). By leveraging this proprietary module, brands can strategically choose what they want and benefit from the services.

The spokesperson for Assiduus said, “We are thoroughly excited to join forces with Jet Set Grow. As a proven leader in its segment, the brand has charted a sensational growth journey under the leadership of Rajan Navani. The most impressive feature of this collaboration remains the fact that both the companies will stand to benefit immensely from each other’s bespoke offerings. Sharing a common belief in service excellence and customer satisfaction, we are confident that this promising partnership will help both the brands in reaching many more milestones together.”

Rajan Navani, VC and MD, JetSynthesys said, “E-commerce has seen immense growth and has contributed largely to the Indian economy over the past few years. There is a great deal of scope for scaling this up further by accelerating our operations and expanding internationally. Our partnership with Assiduus will enable us to accomplish this objective in order to create value for consumers.”

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