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After massive revenue decline, Twitter to roll out ‘new controls’ for ad placements to bring back advertisers

As advertisers put brakes on Twitter ads - owing to the alleged rise of hate speech on the platform - the microblogging platform will roll out ‘new controls’ to prevent placement of ads before or after the tweets having certain ‘keywords’

In the aftermath of the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, the microblogging platform had recorded a massive drop in revenue coming from Twitter Ads, which contributes nearly 90% to the revenue pie.

Owing to the alleged rise of hate speech on the platform, coupled with the reinstating of several banned or suspended accounts on Twitter, advertisers had pulled their brakes on ads running on the platforms.

Therefore, in a move to lure back advertisers on to the platform and reassure them, Twitter will be rolling out its ‘new controls’ for ad placements next week as per reports.

Under the ‘new controls’, companies and advertisers can prevent their ads from running before or after tweets containing certain ‘keywords’.

According to reports, the microblogging platform is also thinking about hiring its own in-house content moderators, many of whom are employed by third-party contractors, as it would allow the platform to increase moderation for non-English languages as well.

A Reuters report also mentioned that Twitter will rely more on automatic content monitoring as pointed out by Ella Irwin, VP- Product (Trust and Safety), Twitter.

She also went on to add that the recent layoffs at Twitter which halved the workforce of the microblogging platform had no impact on the moderators and those focusing on important issues like children's safety.

Another report also pointed out that Musk has started a new incentive method to increase the company's ad revenues under which Twitter will mirror marketers that spend at least $500,000 on Twitter with ads worth up to $1 million.

Additionally, advertisers that spend $350,000 on the microblogging platform will receive an extra 50% in ad value, followed by advertisers that spend $200,000 set to receive an extra 25% of ad value.


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