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Zee Delhi NCR Haryana launches two new shows around upcoming MCD elections

Through these, the channel hopes to create a platform for Delhiites to voice MCD-related local issues

Zee Delhi NCR Haryana has rolled out two new shows ‘Auto Reporter’and ‘Dilli Nukkad’.

The two new shows will be telecast at 4 pm and 6 pm on the channel which reports on politics, entertainment and sports from the region and India. The shows aim at driving the attention of policymakers towards the issues faced by residents across the MCD wards. 

The MCD elections slated to be held on December 4 have taken the centre stage of debates and conversation.

The Delhi Municipal Corporation, in total, now has 250 wards and Zee Delhi NCR Haryana aims to provide a platform where the public, corporators, and party candidates from different MCD wards can discuss the solution of the issues raised by common people.

‘Auto Reporter’ (pre-recorded shows at 4 pm): Zee Delhi NCR Haryana has been inviting existing/contesting corporators to accompany the reporter in a branded auto rickshaw to understand the actual condition and challenges faced by each of the residents in different MCD wards. 

‘Dilli Nukkad’ (live show at 6 pm): This show specifically aims at highlighting the issues related to MCD. The on-ground debate between different Party spokespersons and their discussion with residents from the wards is covered live. Till date, more than 150 wards have been covered.

Additionally, the Zee Media team has also initiated the ‘Chunavi Chauraha’ program to understand and reach the issues faced by people across different wards and their opinion about Municipal Corporation elections in Delhi.

Abhay Ojha, Chief Business Officer of Zee Media, said, “Zee Delhi NCR Haryana firmly believes in reporting the unbiased truth in reference to politics and other factors that majorly impact the lives of the common man. Zee Delhi NCR Haryana is known to be one of the most trustworthy news brands, supporting the rights and providing the common man to have a voice for challenges being faced. The hyperlocal channel content has helped people connect and appreciate the initiative taken forward to influence policymakers in taking the right decisions.”

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