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Simran and R Madhavan recreate the everyday banter in a South Indian household for Swiggy Instamart’s new campaign

The brand campaign highlights the grocery needs of a regular South Indian household

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Instamart, Swiggy’s quick commerce grocery service, has launched a multi-platform brand campaign titled “Healthy Disses” featuring actors Simran and R Madhavan.

It brings to life Instamart’s mission to deliver the widest variety of monthly groceries at very affordable prices and in minutes. 

The campaign features a mix of 30-second TV spots created to reframe ordinary, everyday banter in a Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayali household.

Pairing real, relatable, and very localised nuances like the couple’s healthy disses, with Swiggy’s characteristic humour, the ads showcase how Insamart is a great destination for weekly and monthly purchases delivered at affordable prices.

One of the films in Tamil opens with the wife (Simran) closing the fridge door because there are no veggies. Visibly annoyed, she sighs that they have run out of vegetables except for a Vengayam (onion). Here, she is mockingly referring to her husband (R Madhavan) as the ‘Vengayam’.

The film portrays a practice unique to the southern states- one of gently scolding loved ones with the names of vegetables. The husband realises his mistake of having forgotten about the list shared by his wife.  She then nudges him to order the groceries on Swiggy Instamart, calling out how they are very affordable and delivered in a matter of minutes. In the Telugu film, she calls him a ‘Gummadikayy’ (Pumpkin).  

As a part of the series, in the Telugu film, Madhavan expresses his frustration that they are all out of 'Masalas in the spice cabinet. Simran mockingly asks him if they are out of masalas just in the cabinet or somewhere else too and nudges him to quickly order Masalas on Instamart at a very affordable price. Realising how convenient and affordable Instamart, is Madhavan shamefully confesses that he doesn't have masala in his head either.

While the Tamil and Telegu films have been aired, the ad films in Kannada and Malayalam films will go live shortly. All the films end with Madhavan quickly seeking redemption by ordering the groceries on Swiggy Instamart further to which the Instamart delivery executive arrives at their doorsteps in minutes.

Ashish Lingamneni, Head of Brand at Swiggy, said, “While this is Instamart’s first celebrity-led campaign, it puts the grocery needs and conversations of any southern household front and centre. Taking cultural insights unique to this part of the country, our aim is to build a strong brand connection and affinity with customers in the southern cities, even as Instamart grows to become their go-to platform for monthly grocery needs. I am confident the ad films, which capture the relationship between an everyday couple will successfully help us drive home our point of purchasing groceries at an affordable cost on Instamart”.

Deepan Ramachandran, Founder of Mind Your Language, said, “A lovely insight leads to a lovely story. The practice of gently scolding your loved ones after vegetables and grocery items is very rooted in Tamil Nadu and most parts of South India. This insight fit beautifully with Instamart’s brief given to us. And when you bring back the delightful pair of Madhavan and Simran to bring the idea alive, magic happens. We believe this campaign will make an emotional connection with the consumers and firmly plant Instamart as their go-to-app for groceries and veggies."


Gummadikayy | Swiggy Instamart ft. R. Madhavan & Simran


Vengayam | Swiggy Instamart ft. R. Madhavan & Simran


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