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Publicis Groupe and Digital India Foundation to launch ‘Decoding ONDC - Perspective For Marketers’ report

Powered by Publicis agencies Performics, Starcom and Digitas, the report looks at simplifying and giving a 360-degree view on ONDC, aiding brands in leveraging open networks on commerce for optimum business results

Publicis Groupe India in partnership with the Digital India Foundation (DIF)  will be launching a report on the Commerce Ministry-backed inter-operable network ONDC (Open Network For Digital Commerce), titled  ‘Decoding ONDC - Perspective For Marketers.’ The report will be released on November 23, 2022. 

The report is a playbook, tailormade for the C-Suite and brand leaders and covers everything from ONDC architecture and customer journey, preparatory steps for brands, marketing opportunities and increased reach and discoverability, data policy and data infrastructure required, industry-specific perspectives among other key areas. Powered by Publicis agencies Performics, Starcom and Digitas, the report looks at simplifying and giving a 360-degree view on ONDC, aiding brands in leveraging open networks on commerce for optimum business results.

For the creation of this report, Publicis has conducted a detailed survey with the C-suite and brand leaders to capture rich insights and top trends across categories, in addition to interviewing ONDC top executives to get a vantage point of view on the overall landscape.

Anupriya Acharya

Anupriya Acharya, South Asia CEO, Publicis Groupe, said, “ ONDC will bring in a whole new world of commerce. We expect open networks in commerce to trailblaze innovation and new business models around online retail and to deliver increased reach and additional customers for our clients. It will bring to the forefront a more evolved and empowered consumer with a multitude of choices. The progress of ONDC and its success trajectory is also being viewed and monitored internationally, and this could likely lead to profound shifts in global commerce as well. Within this context, we felt it was imperative and timely to bring valuable insights, research and data points around ONDC which will transform the digital commerce journeys of brands and help marketers adapt and develop strategies, reinvent existing models and keep their businesses responsive, resilient and contextual.”

Arvind Gupta

 Arvind Gupta, Co-Founder and Head, Digital India Foundation and Board Member, ONDC, said, “The success of digital public goods in identity, payments and social welfare disbursements in India is based upon two principles: trust in technology and value co-creation. ONDC is a remarkable step to incorporate these principles to democratise e-commerce, to realise our aspirations for a Digital India and empower the millions in smaller towns and rural areas who will now get access to technology and digital commerce. Of particular note, is what it can do for smaller and medium-sized businesses, putting them on the map nationally and making them discoverable and reachable. India with its huge demographic dividend, entrepreneurial talent and innovative thinking is a true beacon of ideas for the rest of the world. ONDC  will spur powerful and progressive social and economic shifts that will not just change India for the better, but also potentially the world. DIF’s partnership with Publicis is an exemplary one, and we have collaborated successfully on an outstanding report, that guides on participant strategy, technology, data, content activation and investment in the ONDC-connected age of commerce.”

Lalatendu Das

Lalatendu Das, CEO, Performics India, said, “Technology and Commerce will continue to converge through ONDC, leading to exciting opportunities for brands and new avenues for spectacular growth. In view of the transformation in the environment and an entirely new ecosystem taking shape, Publicis can be a powerful enabler in decoding the immense possibilities in ONDC and aiding brands in re-imagining their commerce, revamping strategies, technology and data infrastructure. We have been paying close attention to brands and their current state of preparedness for ONDC, capturing marked shifts and trends across categories and businesses through our survey and through close conversations with ONDC top executives, industry leaders and decision-makers. The range and depth of information presented in the report is sure to help marketers gain actionable insights that strengthen and future-proof their businesses.”

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