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Nilon’s launches nine city OOH campaign in association with OAP India

The campaign aims to grab eyeballs with the innovative hoarding in prime locations across states

Nilon’s, the processed food company, has rolled out a nine-city outdoor hoarding campaign for their 25 grams masala pack offer.

Executed by Outdoor Advertising Professionals (OAP) India, the OOH campaign covers 9 cities across India including Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. 

With an objective to garner a larger share of eyeballs, Nilon’s billboards have been placed in prominent, high-footfall locations in each city.

Nilon’s recent consumer immersion study among spice users, showed bigger packs of spices tend to lose their aroma and flavour over time and form lumps due to exposure to outside moisture, resulting in product wastage. 

This led the company to come up with the simple –25g pack as a bridge pack between one-time use 7g sachet and long-time use 50g box. 

To sample this idea and trigger trials, it introduced Buy 1 Get 1 Offer and used OOH strategically to communicate the same.

Kiran Giradkar, Chief Marketing Officer, Nilon’s, said, “Usually of around 6,000 ads messages that we are exposed to each day we hardly remember any mostly because of the lack of creative and relatable content also the under-leveraged power of media itself. Our latest OOH innovation leveraged the power of OOH to communicate the message in a simple yet impactful manner. The hoarding creatively captures the audience’s attention, with Pankaj Tripathi – the brand ambassador flashing the offer on a moving placard along with the offer being highlighted with blinking lights. With this, we did manage to tick all the 3 boxes: the simplicity of the message, the strategic positioning of the ad unit and the best use of media.”

Jayanta Kumar Sen, Associate Vice-President, OAP India, said, “It has always been our endeavour to create greater-impact campaigns using specific targeting tools and innovative solutions. We associated with Nilon’s to identify the right location that would not only provide maximum OTS, but also a nice balance between reach and impressions. We pursued a good media mix of different large and small formats with high-impact catchment areas. The usual media content was further boosted with Innovation, which was scalable and economical.”


Campaign: Nilon’s 25gm Spices

Medium: OOH

Agency: Outdoor Advertising Professionals (OAP)

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