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Zupee renews contract with Momentus Digital as its digital agency partner

Momentus Digital has been working with Zupee as their digital marketing partner to expand the brand’s reach across India

Online real money gaming platform Zupee has announced the renewal of its contract with Momentus Digital as its digital agency partner.

Zupee’s product portfolio of skill-based casual and board games includes a host of games such as Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Trump Cards, Carrom and more, with the vision to provide meaningful entertainment while bringing users moments of joy.

Momentus Digital has been working with Zupee as their digital marketing partner to expand the brand’s reach across India by delivering strategic digital campaigns aligned with the company’s business goals.

Momentus Digital has executed some impactful campaigns for the brand through performance marketing initiatives across digital through display partnerships, influencer marketing, DSP alliances, programmatic platforms with in-depth understanding of the market and the brand cohorts to get success from their end user.

Arooshi, CEO, Momentus Digital, said, “We are delighted to partner with Zupee, which has always been extremely supportive and refreshing to work with. Extending the digital association in itself is a compliment to us and the team. We are excited to add more value to the brand.  We believe that the use of the digital medium in the gaming industry has huge potential to be capitalised and we are committed to aid Zupee with the same in the future as well.”

Nishant Jaiswal, VP Digital Marketing, said, “The partnership with Momentus has been helpful in driving better media buying efficiencies and optimising return on media investments by focusing on scale and funnel conversions. We have been able to test multiple programmatic platforms, DSP’s and direct publishers and enrich our digital marketing playbook, looking forward to build further on the synergies between the two teams.”

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