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Koo announces launch of four new features for users

The platform now enables users to upload up to 10 profile pictures, save a Koo, schedule Koos and save drafts

Koo app has announced the launch of four unique new features.

As per the platform, it now enables users to upload up to 10 profile pictures, save a Koo, schedule Koos and save drafts.

Koo also said that it recently clocked 50 million downloads making it the second largest micro-blog.

Present in 10 languages, Koo is currently being used by users in 100+ countries and it looks to invite a larger global audience to its platform.

In the near future, the platform aims to further announce a slew of features as part of its continuous effort to enhance the user experience.

The feature details are:

  • 10 Profile Pictures: Users can now upload up to 10 profile pictures. These pictures auto-play when someone visits the user’s profile. It’s easy to change the sequence of these pictures with a drag and drop functionality.
  • Schedule a Koo: Power creators can now schedule a Koo to a future date and time. This makes it easy for creators who like to pen down multiple thoughts in one go but schedule it for different times to avoid crowding the feed of their followers. Users can also edit or re-schedule a scheduled Koo.
  • Save Drafts: Creators that want to keep working on a draft before posting it can use the save drafts functionality. It gives them the freedom to keep making edits before posting.
  • Save a Koo: Users can now save a Koo instead of the usual reactions such a Like, Comment, Re-Koo or Share. Saved Koos are visible to the user only and available in their profile page. This is useful for users who want to refer back to their favorite or important Koos without having to react to the Koo. This feature is unavailable on any other micro-blog. 

Mayank Bidawatka, Co-founder, Koo, said, “We are very happy to announce new features to millions of our users. Some of these are a first in the social space. We are the first ones to enable users to upload up to 10 profile pictures. We’ve made it extremely easy for power creators to now save a draft and schedule Koos for a future date and time. Saving a Koo functionality is not available in any other micro-blog. Users have taken really well to these features. We are happy to have crossed the 50 million user mark on the back of these enriching features. We have a very user-focused culture internally and with our ears close to the ground, we will keep building best-in-class features that users need to express themselves and connect with each other.”

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