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Instoried announces AI-based text-to-image tool – ‘Instoried ART’

As per the company, this will enable brands to create images out of text prompts

Instoried, the deep-tech and AI-based content intelligence platform, has announced the launch of Instoried ART, an AI-based image generation tool.

Instoried uses the latest technology to generate AI images based on text prompts. Instoried ART will enable content creators, marketers and advertising professionals to create customised and unique images for their ad copies, social media posts, website landing pages, based on text prompts.

Generative AI is the term used to describe this creation of images from text/ keywords. 

As per the company, the Instoried ART tool will empower creators to create based on an actual text brief as opposed to using stock images or images from search engines that may often not closely match their prompt. Instoried ART can generate customised multiple images, say of an ‘Astronaut riding a unicorn’ based on a text prompt rather than the creative team requiring artists to create the said image or depend on stock images.

The user can then choose and use the unique images for all commercial purposes. Images created with Instoried ART are free to use for commercial purposes, and as long as one follows the requisite rules, they have unlimited permissions to do so. For more legalese, subject to these commercial terms and Instoried’s Terms of Service, the user has a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable copyright license to reproduce, prepare, publicly display, publicly perform, distribute, and create derivative works based on those images. 

Sharmin Ali, Founder and CEO, Instoried, said, “We are excited to empower brands to express themselves with the most appropriate imagery. The addition of Instoried ART widens our scope from just written text to images. Our in-house tool makes possible customised images in just a few minutes.” 

Instoried ART has can be used as part of a website or blog design, create digital artwork to sell or share online, use apt images as part of an advertising campaign, create social media posts or covers, and make physical prints of favourite images to sell, among others. 

Instoried already has a content tool which can generate and analyse content, enabling users to generate smart copy and analyse the tone, emotion, spelling, Grammar, and plagiarism of the written content.

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