HDFC Life's latest campaign is humorous take on how financial preparedness can help overcome any challenges in life

The films have been written by Schbang, and produced in collaboration with Boathouse and Logicserve Digital, featuring anchor, comedian, and podcaster Cyrus Broacha as the protagonist

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HDFC Life's latest campaign is humorous take on how financial preparedness can help overcome any challenges in life

Life insurance is a must-have product for every individual with responsibilities. However, the penetration of life insurance in India is a little over 3% of the GDP. There is a huge protection gap leaving most individuals vulnerable when faced with financial difficulties.

Humour plays a critical role in driving a powerful message to the audiences especially when it comes to a subject that is often considered boring such as financial security. With this objective HDFC Life has taken a humorous approach for its latest campaign #Kismatwala.

The three films of this campaign highlight the uncertainties of life in a fun and quirky manner. The message is simple - financial preparedness can enable an individual to overcome all kinds of challenges that life throws their way. In the films one sees that nothing can shock Mr Kismatwala - whether it’s the high cost of his daughter’s academic fees, building corpus needed for retirement, or the risk of untimely death - because he has life insurance products which enables him to face all situations with confidence and continue his journey thereby writing his own destiny.

Vishal Subharwal, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of E-commerce and Digital Business - HDFC Life, said, “Our latest campaign conveys the message that a good foresight towards adequately protecting oneself financially can enable one to live a peaceful life, #KhudKiKismatKhudLikho. The 3 films cover areas such as inflation, untimely life shocks, guaranteed returns for a child's education and how our life insurance products provide a strong financial safety net to an individual to deal with these challenges. For the last 22 years, HDFC Life has served millions of Indians to live a life of pride (Sar Utha Ke Jiyo).”

Rishabh Pande, Group Creative Manager, Schbang, said, “We needed Indians to take their insurance seriously, which is why we took to humour, of course. Coupled with the observation that the word kismat gets thrown around in conversations as it does, we came up with the concept of Kismatwala, the funny man who can write his own luck. To elevate the narrative and the humour, we wanted to exaggerate the unforeseen problems that came knocking and that helped Kismatwala's character stand out even more strongly.”

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