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Greenlam Laminates launches ‘Kuch Mera, Kuch Tumhara’ brand campaign

The campaign has been conceptualised by Dentsu Creative

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Greenlam Industries, the surfacing solution provider, with its flagship brand Greenlam Laminates has launched the “Kuch Mera, Kuch Tumhara” campaign to promote its myriad range.

The new campaign conceptualised by Dentsu Creative brings alive the insight that the journey of making a home is a partnership of more than one individual. Everyone has their own individual choices and likings and there is bound to be disagreements and discussions while choosing the laminates.

The magic of making the magnificent spaces lies in those little negotiated agreements. Greenlam Laminates promises that no matter whatever the consumer’s choice might be, ultimately the home will turn out to be beautiful.

The company has taken a digital-first approach and released this campaign on online media which will be followed by mass media.

It is an emotional take on the journey of a couple who are planning to renovate their home and go through several rounds of disagreements and discussions to arrive at a common ground.

Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries, said, “The transformational journey of building a house from scratch requires a lot of effort, thoughts, patience, and creativity. Everyone dreams of creating a beautiful home with each space designed with a personal touch. At Greenlam it is our endeavour to keep up with the changing consumer needs and trends and provide our customers with top-notch products. To complement our customers’ creative choices, we have launched this brand-new campaign that highlights the partnership and disagreement that come in the way of creating your dream homes but only can be fulfilled once we come to a negotiated common ground. Hence “Kuch Mera, Kuch Tumhara’ the campaign that brings out this insight beautifully while showcasing a wide range of Greenlam Laminates for all your diverse choices.”

Alex Joseph, Sr VP Marketing, Greenlam Industries, said, “We are extremely thrilled to launch our new brand campaign for our flagship brand Greenlam Laminates that portrays the sentiments that comes in the way of creating beautiful homes. Greenlam Laminates brings a legacy of exceptional artistry, unsurpassed quality, and unyielding passion for excellence to the table and with our diverse offerings our customers are always spoilt for choices. Through this campaign, we aim to resonate with the emotional sentiments and creative needs that our customers have and fulfil them by giving a diverse choice of products to choose from. Our campaign highlights the disagreements and negotiations that come while designing homes but eventually through Greenlam Laminates exquisite offerings the spaces will turn out to be alluring. We want our decorative laminates not only to transform spaces but also to enrich the lives of all of those who come in to contact with them.”

Ujjwal Anand, Executive Vice-President, Dentsu Creative, said, “When we started working on the brief, we were absolutely certain that it can’t be just the product story. Our consumers are extremely emotional in the journey of creating magnificent spaces. The investment of time, energy and emotion is significantly high. Therefore, finding that cultural truth was of utmost importance. When we spoke with multiple respondents to understand their journey, we found one common thread in every story. Those little disagreements, discussions, fights, negotiations and sometimes forcefully pushing one’s choice for a space while trading it with other. Those little moments of negotiations, those “nonk-jhonk” brought alive a different kind of emotions, expression, sparkle in everyone’s eyes as they narrated their journey. And that’s how we arrived at “Kuch mera Kuch tumhara” as the core proposition. We wanted to bring out similar emotions through the film and that’s how we crafted the script in a fashion that delivers the chemistry and projects the moments of negotiations with utmost beauty and genuineness. So much so that we chose our characters to not have a conversation but exchange their thoughts with gestures and expressions. The campaign will connect with our consumers at an emotional level and will help us be in TOM, we believe.”

Auryndom Bose, Group Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Creative, added, “In a world where making choices is often difficult and not a one-sided job, we were tasked with presenting Greenlam as a storehouse of great choices where the decision to be made is often between great and almost great. ‘Kuch Mera, Kuch Tumhara’ provides a superb way into the decision-making process of all parties concerned. Where the decision is arrived after much deliberation and consideration. And we really felt this connection would strike a knowing chord with our audience.”

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