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Following a routine and thinking with a logical mind is the success mantra of ‘Rising Star of the Year’ Zoya Kazi of OMG gets a sneak peek into the life and learnings of ‘Rising Star Of The Year’, Zoya Kazi of Omnicom Media Group who walked away with the coveted trophy along with three ‘High Chair’ wins at the Rising Star Awards

Zoya Kazi recently organised the second Rising Star Awards at The Oberoi, Gurugram, to celebrate the applause-worthy works of young media strategists in the country across several categories.

Zoya Kazi, Group Head Investments, Omnicom Media Group, not only bagged three ‘High Chair’ trophies in the awards gala but was also announced the ‘Rising Star Of The Year’ at the end..

Speaking to after her glorious win at the Rising Star Awards, Kazi said, “I was introduced to the world of advertising and media at an academic level. Through the guidance of my professors and insights from alumni from the media fraternity, I got a glimpse into what the industry is like, and this strengthened my resolve to join a media agency.”

Upon being asked what her strengths are, Kazi said that following a routine and thinking with a logical mind have always been some of her strongest suits and have helped her come a long way, both personally and professionally. “My positive attitude towards approaching things is also one of my strongest attributes,” she added.

“Sometimes, I try to get into the depth of things in order to be perfect. Though, over the years, I've realised that after a certain point, you need to leave things that are well enough alone. Trust your gut and move forward,” stated OMG’s Kazi.

Going down the memory lane, Kazi said that she always saw herself as more of a systematic person than a chaotic kid even in her younger days.

“Growing up, the process and routine ingrained in me helped me hone my strategic approach to things - a trait which I believe is vital to the vocation of a media professional,” she ascertained.

Furthermore, she also went on to add that losing and winning are two angles that one cannot disregard. “Winning the Rising Star Award for the Škoda Kushaq campaign was a turning point in my life and a very momentous one too,” she exclaimed.

Talking about the award-winning campaign of Škoda Kushaq, Kazi asserted, “Because we wanted to create a buzz around the launch and create quality through efficient media deployment, we opted for a 360-degree approach- covering TV, Print, Digital, Radio and OOH mediums.”

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When asked about some of the campaigns that Kazi loved strategising the most, she highlighted that she started her career working on one of the biggest FMCG clients in India, followed by handling multiple category clients over the years.

“I have enjoyed working on the campaigns for our clients like Volkswagen and Diageo to name a few, but nothing can beat the success I've accomplished with the Škoda campaign and hence it remains the one that's closest to my heart,” she said.

Additionally, Kazi went on to reiterate that her work on launch campaigns across the FMCG and automobile categories will be her all-time favourite.

Upon being asked as to what profession would she have pursued if it wasn’t for media strategy in advertising, Kazi said that she would have explored Food Vlogging as she is a big foodie at heart and her love for food has no bounds and that is something that drives her to try the best that restaurants from across every nook and corner have to offer.

“My bucket list for travelling runs out of ink and working out makes my serotonin shoot. Walking by the beach is my favourite stress reliever and helps me keep calm. These are a few ways I try to balance my life goals with my work,” she said.

Getting nostalgic while talking about her school and college days, Kazi stated that she was the one who was actively involved in planning and organising events and collaborating with multiple stakeholders.

“This experience early on, at the academia level, gave me the push required to try out new experiences, which in turn helped me in my professional career,” she added.

While commenting on how her alma mater and agency experience added to her individual growth, she said, “My academic life and my current agency have helped me grow tremendously - my professors' guidance, mentors in the workplace, and training programs that have helped me reach where I am today.”

“I work with remarkable people every day and seeing them make leaps in the world of advertising with good old creativity at the heart of it all makes me want to do even better and I hope that never changes,” remarked Kazi.

Recalling her college days, Kazi also stated that media was one of her favourite subjects and it was after she interacted with her professors and the alumni, she realised that she had an inclination towards the field and decided to pursue the same.

Moving ahead, Kazi also went on to emphasise that if she had to give one piece of advice to her younger self, she would advise it to be a little more curious and a little less cautious while approaching people and building meaningful connections.

Addressing a question on whether she has attained her ‘big-break’ in the industry, Kazi said that her big-break is yet to come in her opinion. “In the near future, my focus is to create an inspiring body of work that is truly worthy of recognition and accolades,” she said.

As per OMG’s Kazi, the best part about working in a media agency is that one gets to be a part of the whole brand-building process, and no day is the same as the one before. “We are in the business of making connections and meeting countless people every day and interacting with them is one of the most exciting parts of the business for me,” she stated.

On a concluding note, Kazi also stated that any focused person who is in the process of achieving his/her goals despite the obstacles that life throws at them without any complaints is someone she would consider an inspiration or a role model.

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