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BIC Cello releases ad film to promote the revamped range of pens, Butterflow

Through the film, the brand aims to equip youth to express themselves and ‘write the change they want to see’

BIC Cello, the manufacturer and distributor of writing instruments, has recently announced the launch of the new range of its pen, Butterflow. The revamped ballpoint product range alongside the new formats of gel, and roller pens, aims to offer consumers a smooth, seamless writing experience.

The relaunch stems from BIC’s long-term strategy, the Horizon Plan, and from BIC Cello’s commitment to developing innovative products and ink flow systems that deliver value to customers’ writing experience. 

Championing the spirit of today's youth through their campaign film, Butterflow empowers those who care about the world they live in, and have a bias of action and the will to bring in change. The brand aims to equip youth to express themselves and ‘write the change they want to see’.

Manos Nikolakis, General Manager at BIC Cello, said, “We are ecstatic to bring to market the ultimate writing instrument for the smoothest writing experience with the highest market share in the country. As market leaders, we continue to innovate and advance our products grounded on evidence-based research and strategies around consumer demands and evolving needs as well as purchasing trends. As we expand and uplift our product portfolio of high-quality, affordable, and essential products, we continue to bring simplicity and joy to everyday life and offer our consumers an enjoyable writing experience.”

The film:

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