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Zee 24 Ghanta’s Durga Puja campaign ignites the festive spirit among devotees

The Durga Puja campaign comprised of two parts – Sharad Ananya and Mahapujo

News channel Zee 24 Ghanta carried out a successful Durga Puja campaign which was aimed at bringing in the festive spirit among devotees.

While creating a strong brand presence during the festival across West Bengal, the channel ensured highest visibility for its advertisers, the campaign was further amplified through different media platforms (i.e., TV, social media and radio).

The Durga Puja campaign comprised of two parts – Sharad Ananya and Mahapujo, with the right blend of unique content, extensive coverage, and branding integrations.

Sharad Ananya consisted of TV programs on fashion, cooking, pujor adda, festive engagement activities planned by the RWA members apart from regular Puja news bulletins and the Mahapujo consisted of end-to-end on-ground coverage, branding & Puja Competition.

As per the channel, overall it reached 250 + community Pujas in Kolkata and 220+ District Pujas wherein high visibility branding was done in the form of banners and pillars mostly.

Famous personalities like Abir Chatterjee, Paoli Dam, Tanushree Chakraborty, Arjun Chakraborty, Eshaa Saha, Gaurab Chakraborty, Riddhima Ghosh, Anindya Chatterjee, Sauraseni Mitra and many others supported the 60-days-programming and on-ground activations.

Brand integrations were done for Shree Hari, Pran, Kesh King, Tata Structura, Tata Tiscon, Mother Diary, Greenply, DishTv. Zee 24 Ghanta conducted the Puja Parikrama (competition) wherein it roped in a team of celebs and esteemed partners as judges to the top 10 pandals and apartments of Kolkata.

Additionally, celebrities also shared their ‘sweet memories’ associated with Durga Puja in the special vignettes created for Mother Diary. Also, Kesh King, Shree Hari, Pran gave away product hampers to the celebrities at the various shows of Pujor Adda, which were seamlessly integrated into the episodes, while Tata Structura gratified the Puja with the best theme/ structure and Tata Tiscon awarded the best community, apartment & district puja.  

Greenply created a zero-emission care space at the Zee 24 Ghanta-owned pandal, where they offered care to the elderly visiting the pandal. They also teamed up with Zee 24 Ghanta and awarded the most Éco Friendly Pandal, as they used jute for the construction. The Zee 24 Ghanta studio was exclusively branded by Greenply as well.

The brands that partnered with the channel for the Durga Puja property were: Toptech TMT, Sister Nivedita University, IIHM, Meghbela Broadband, Saha Textile, Mother Diary Dear Lotteries, SBI, Ornazone Jewellery Mall by Shree Hari, Cradle fertility Centre, Kesh King Ayurvedic Oil, PRAN POTATA SPICY BISCUIT, Annapurna Ghee for the Sharad Ananya property while Tata Tiscon, Sturdflex, Stox Gurukul, Tata Structura, Greenply, Cycle Rhythm Agarbatti and ITC came on board for the Mahapujo property exclusively.

Speaking on this, Zee24 Ghanta CBO Joy Chakraborthy said, “Durga Puja marks the homecoming of goddess Durga and is the biggest festival in Kolkata. With the Durga Puja coverage of 2022, Zee 24 Ghanta team has solidified its leadership position through content that resonates with the people of Bengal. For the trade industry as well, this time through collaborative advertising and various innovations & integrations we have tried to offer something unique to the fraternity other than vanilla advertising. I'm glad to say it has all worked out well and I thank our sponsors for this support. "

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