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What made DaMENSCH choose the comic route for their ‘ad-in-an-ad’ innerwear campaign?

The menswear brand recently collaborated with prominent comedians and comic artists Rohan Joshi, Adar Malik, Jordindians and Nirmal Pillai to reach their consumers in a funny yet creative way

DaMENSCH has getting a lot for praise for its latest ad campaign, which is a ‘Nolan Level ad’ or more popularly known as ad-in-an-ad. For its campaign the menswear brand had leveraged comedy influencers to reach out to the target audience in an interesting-yet-creative way.

Deepti Karthik

According to Deepti Karthik, SVP Marketing, DaMENSCH, their core target audience is the 18–34-year age category of modern men, who are also a part of the 60 million premium consumers in India.

“We live in an era where content influences content which further results in commerce and the drivers of this content-commerce framework are the influencers who are an integral part of our brand strategy. However, we do not end up spending more than 10% of the marketing budget on influencer marketing,” she said.

As per Aadar Malik, a stand-up comedian, musician, and actor, who featured in the recent ‘ad in an ad’ campaign, “Since DaMENSCH is so confident about their products, it all comes down to how well have they been integrated into the ad film or the storyline. In this case too, the brand came up with such a cool concept which took everybody by surprise because of its newness and unique nature which was very much apart from the typical storyline of selling a particular product.”

“In the 90s, there was an actual period where we would actually wait for ads to come in-between cricket matches or shows because they had really cool concepts and you had to watch it over and over again and the current ad-campaign was set in that zone which was fantastic,” he added.

Nirmal Pillai

Similarly, Nirmal Pillai, a product designer, content creator and social media star, said, “Since DaMENSCH was eyeing a youth-centric audience and a majority of my followers are in that bracket, hence DaMENSCH strived to be better than the others so that the customers retain the brand name.”

“I was always looking for some kind of opportunity like this to come around and stick out while standing apart from the earlier ad formats. Furthermore, I always wanted to work together with Jordindians and the people who came up with and executed the ad was Talented, a prestigious team which holds a very big place in my heart,” he said.

Commenting on how the menswear brand came up with their recent ad campaign on Innerwear therapy, Karthik said, “The strategy was driven by in-depth analysis of how DaMENSCH’s audience pool behaves and how they find a high affinity towards comedy as a genre.”

Malik also stated that the most fun thing while working with DaMENSCH is that a major portion of his audience already falls in line with that of the brand’s target audience and that their content also coincides up to some extent, since he is allowed to make jokes along with a massive creative liberty, which goes very well for both the ad and the audience.

“They don’t restrict you from taking a little bit of risk and going creative and hazing on yourself, which help’s DaMENSCH stand out for the public,” he stated.

Pillai also said, “DaMENSCH was really open and cool with the whole brief because the brand had been very open to creative ideas.”

Karthik went on to state that the objective for DaMENSCH’s recent campaign was to leverage YouTube as a platform, which is why the menswear brand worked with influencers within comedy genre to reach their consumers meaningfully, and they applied the filter of representation match of the alternative masculinity that the brand speaks about.

Malik added, “It is not just about followers, but about how much is your reach or what number of audiences is viewing the content and the amount of awareness that one can create about that particular brand.”

Speaking on how they managed to get influencers for their new TVC, Karthik said, “Influencers are tricky to work with because of their own unique comic style. By getting five of them together, we had to retain their individual signature style while relaying the ad communication which was quite challenging as we wanted to give our consumers a whiff of the different kinds of men who they could resonate with.”

“This gave us a unique opportunity to improvise the ad while it was being shot using the experience of the influencers who have mastered the understanding on the digital mediums,” she added.

Pillai also went on to highlight that it is the content that works at the end of the day, because if you make something relatable or creative, people are going to like it.

As per Malik, short-term collaborations can be fun as one can go all-out in that one video, but it is the long-term videos which upon bifurcation into 4-5 parts with little nuances in each collectively make up an even better and coherent storyline because the audience feels that they get to watch it manifest over time.

Commenting on the statistics for their influencer-led TVC, Karthik stated, “The results have been encouraging, with a 100% positive sentiment analysis, view rate upwards of 50% and a 12% relative brand lift so far, which makes us optimistic about the strategy we employed to communicate with our audience by cutting through the clutter in the most efficient fashion.”

Elaborating on how DaMENSCH keeps a check on following CCPA’s influencer guidelines, Karthik asserted, “We as a brand have strict provisions of abiding by the guidelines. An upfront declaration of advertisement aside, we have used branded content as a format to ensure that the consumer is well informed of the nature of the communication that is on their screen.”

Furthermore, she also went on to state that as a menswear brand, DaMENSCH doesn’t intend to collaborate with influencers who don’t share their adherence policy and thus has a strict no-tolerance towards any deviations.


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