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Samantha Ruth Prabhu features in Vicks’ campaign for its 3-in-1 medicated throat lozenge

The campaign showcases how the product gives quick relief, and helps people to sound like themselves again

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Cold and flu brand Vicks has launched a new campaign film for its 3-in-1 medicated throat lozenge featuring actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu.

Prabhu is featuring in a campaign for Vicks for the second time, to showcase the benefits of the Vicks’ 3-in-1 medicated throat lozenge.

In the film, the actor is seen camping in a forest, enjoying the tranquillity but is suddenly startled by a sound similar to a bear’s roar. Completely scared by this sound, she reaches out to her friend in the tent, only to realise that the sound is not of a bear, but of her friend who is suffering from a sore throat and blocked nose.

Samantha then hands him the Vicks 3-in-1 medicated throat lozenge, bringing her friend fast relief by soothing his sore throat and clearing his blocked nose. 

The film showcases the impact and effectiveness of Vicks 3-in-1 medicated throat lozenge in giving quick relief against sore throat and blocked nose.  

Prabhu said, “My team and I often use Lozenges for fast relief. Hence, I instantly related to the campaign since like everyone else, even I go through bouts of sore throat and blocked nose which makes me sound very different on those days. Through this film, we are trying to convey that Vicks’ 3-in-1 medicated throat lozenge is a pocket friendly way to tackle this issue and I am glad I’m associating with Vicks for such a quirky campaign.”

Sahil Sethi, Category Leader, Personal Healthcare, Procter and Gamble Indian Subcontinent, added, “We are very pleased to have Samantha as the face of Vicks Cough drops, a trusted solution for consumers seeking fast relief from sore throat, from India’s leading cold and flu brand Vicks. With 3-in-1 medicated lozenge, we are now reaching out to a wider consumer base providing the added benefit of relieving sore throat as well as blocked nose. While ginger and amla helps with relief from cough, the vaporized Menthol provides cooling effect for blocked nose making it a go-to product for anyone suffering from sore throat and blocked nose.”

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