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Pocket Aces partners with Aniket Metals to launch ‘Gobble Cookware’ for millennials

Similar to Tasty’s kitchenware, Gobble Cookware will leverage the brand that it has built as a lifestyle content channel since 2016

Pocket Aces’ lifestyle channel Gobble has partnered with cookware brand Aniket Metals to launch a kitchenware line designed specifically for millennial audiences.

Similar to Tasty’s kitchenware, Gobble Cookware will leverage the brand that it has built as a lifestyle content channel since 2016. Gobble has over 7 million followers across social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

The brand claims it has a highly engaged community of 20–35-year-old women and men that trust Gobble to get innovative recipes, food hacks, and recommendations from their favourite chefs and influencers.

Ankit Chhabra, Channel Head of Gobble, shared, “The pandemic has turned every non-cook into a cook, and every cook into a chef! Millennials have become a lot more aware and discerning about the kind of cookware, serve ware and bar ware they are using. Like everything else in their lives, they want good-looking, high-quality stuff at affordable prices. Enter Gobble Kitchenware.” 

Rayvanta Kumar, Head of D2C Channels at Pocket Aces, added, “Our vision to build the first D2C Kitchenware brand for Indian millennials matches perfectly with that of Aniket Metals, and we’re so excited to partner with them to bring products especially designed to give both beginner and seasoned cooks the best experience carefree and worry free.”

Nachiket Shah, Managing Director of Aniket Metals, said, “With Gobble Cookware, we are getting the highest export quality goods directly to the Indian millennials at very affordable prices. For decades, young people have had cookware passed down by their mothers, and stainless steel has always been the material of choice for the highest quality longest lasting cookware. We are going back to these basics, but with unique design features added specifically for the carefree, fast paced millennial. Gobble is a well-known brand with high trust and credibility in the millennial audiences, and hence is the best partner for taking our products to the Indian market.”

Aditi Shrivastava, Co-founder and CEO of Pocket Aces, added, “We are so pumped to be launching our first D2C product via Gobble. We have always believed in the power of communities that content builds, and giving commerce opportunities to these communities the perfect next step. Our vision is to get Gobble Kitchenware to every Indian millennial household in the next 2 years.”

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