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News18 Kannada launches debate show ‘To The Point with Nikhil Joshi’

The interactive debate show will be hosted by prime-time anchor Nikhil Joshi and aim to present unbiased, factual, and concise conversations involving key stakeholders

News18 Kannada has launched ‘To The Point’, a hard-hitting, evening prime-time debate show by senior editor of channel and anchor, Nikhil Joshi.

Joshi is one of the top news anchors in the country and is not afraid to speak up for what he feels is in the best interests of the nation. The prime-time anchor will present the show in his strong and commanding ‘An Angry Young Man’ style.

The show will air Monday to Friday, from 7 pm - 8 pm.   

‘To The Point’ is a high-intensity debate show with prominent speakers and stakeholders engaging in constructive, data-driven debates about the topic of the day, providing a 360-degree perspective to its valued viewers. In this show, Joshi will select the most pressing issues in the city, state, or country and discuss them with all essential players.

With live reports, supportive statistics, and important questions raised, the show promises concise and straight-to-the-point of conversations on state and national politics, and every major issue concerning the city, Karnataka and the country.

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