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India Gate Foods enters metaverse this festive season to preserve traditional art forms

The brand has embarked on this journey with the marriage of art and technology

Basmati rice brand India Gate Foods has taken up the baton to preserve the dying art forms of India and with this thought in mind, this festive season, it entered the metaverse to preserve those traditional art forms which defined the country’s rich art heritage but unfortunately are losing their existence with the onset of a new age.

India Gate Foods has embarked on this journey with the marriage of art and technology. The brand is digitising these art pieces on Blockchain technology as tradable NFTs.

It has launched NFT legacy gallery to rediscover and commemorate India’s lost art forms to its real patrons. This initiative supports the artists as NFT sale proceeds go to them directly and also effectively connect with the next-generation consumers for the brand.

The brand has begun this journey by presenting a heart-warming story, produced by Ice Media Labs Analytics, featuring a West Bengal-based Chaal-Chitra or rice artist Madan Bhowmik. The film has already garnered over 6 million views and is still counting. Known for creating sagas on one piece of rice grain - be it human evolution, the fall of the Roman empire, slaying on Mahishasura, or others, Bhowmik sees limitless possibilities in one single rice grain. However, there is no regular income, laurels, and any takers for Chaal-Chitra in this age and era.

The rice-art NFT collection:

India Gate Foods is closely working with Blockchain App Factory to digitally transform the art forms to tradable NFTs that will be available in the Blockchain market - Opensea for sale.

With this new revolutionary initiative from the brand, artists like Bhowmik have a hope to find more patrons for their art.

Kunal Sharma, Head of Marketing, KRBL India, said, “India Gate Foods has always worked towards preserving and enriching the culture and legacy of India. This time our focus is on preserving the dying art forms of India that have defined India’s rich heritage for the longest time. We are introducing India Gate NFT Legacy Gallery, a first-of-its-kind technological revolution to give unsung Indian artists a global platform to showcase and sell their artworks as NFTs. It's going to be a sustained effort and Chaal-Chitra is the first chapter in this saga with Madan Bhowmik as our first art protagonist. I think the vast Indian artistic heritage needs this boost and we are here to provide it.”

Debojit Saha, Founder and CEO, Ice Media Labs and Analytics, said, “It is an extremely difficult form of art as the size of the canvas is small and needs extreme precision from the artists. The film narrates the undying zeal of Madan Bhowmik who has been practicing this art form for the last 30 years without worrying about what people think about it. Bhowmik is an inspiration to everyone and we wanted to bring his story to the world.”

India Gate Foods intends to make this initiative bigger by bringing multiple art forms from all over the country to their NFT Legacy gallery. It will facilitate their digital transformation and trading, the proceeds of which will be given to the respective artists. This will be a huge support to these artists. The brand urges people to come forward and support these artists so that these unique art forms can be preserved.

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